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Penyebab tulang belakang ku sakit, tapi ianya sangat hot!

Last few weeks, I just had this urge to find a good heels for myself as more than half a year has passed since the last time I bought one! This time I thought I would look around at Jusco and get a comfy and pretty wedges instead of killer heels, because I've been having a back problem these past couple of months.

A I couldn't find anything I like there, we headed off to Nose. Once inside, I had my eye son this super gorgeous killer gladiator heels, and the most exciting thing was it was GREY in color! Just what I've been looking for. Perfect to be matched with my grey baju raya! I looked at the big guy who had been rejecting all my choices before, and saw a gleam in his eyes. It's THE gleam. And so it just confirmed my suspicion that he loves it too! Oh. Even though he never said it but I knew it that in his heart he thinks that gladiators are super hot!

I tried it on and it fits me. PER.FECT.LY. It was almost almost perfect save for the too many buckles which kinda annoys me if I have to take like 10 minutes just to buckle up my shoes!

Image googled

Suddenly just a moment before I made the purchase, while trying to make the final decision, my mind cheated on me! I saw a super comfy yet super oldies wedges and tried them on. Then in a blink of an eye, I told the big guy "Ok I'm taking this with no argument from you please!" and so he paid for it while I was in a trance or something.

Now, 2 weeks after, I AM STILL CRYING A BUCKET WITH MY DECISION NOT TO GET THAT SUPER SEXY GLADIATOR HEELS! Oh, but at least the wedges won't add the pain on my back like the heels would *ayat pujuk hati sendiri*.

Sob sob sob!


  1. pergh lawa giler gladiator tu.. btw dulu i suka pakai heels, imagine masa nak pi kuliah pun gigih pakai heels sedangkan iium tu berbukit2 mukabumi dia hehe.. lepas tu i kena sakit pinggang yg kronik gak la.. skrg semua kasut i jenis2 flat je.. rendah pun rendah la huhu

  2. kasut cun2 mmg kadang2 sakit bila nak pakai, tp org cakap beauty is pain haha. kalau nak beli gelang pearls, brooch pearls n crystal dari sabah, kunjung la ke blog saya =)

  3. Yup, I agree that the GLADIATOR is to die for but I will choose the wedges as well. That’s why I'm on my 2nd boring black crocs wedges.

    If attend wedding or event that don’t require a lot of walking only, I will go for C&K.

  4. Memang cantik lah! Stylo mylo! I pun cita2 nak pakai those killer heels too. Sometimes we want to be Victoria Beckham in the making but look who is suffering now? Her sky towering heels are hurting her feet and causing bunions, sampai kena surgery. So better we stick to comfy shoes, wedges or flat pun oklah. Hope this will add to yr '10 reasons why I wont regret NOT buying the Super Sexy Gladiator Heels'!

  5. oh tell me about it!its killing me but its just super hot!plus when ur carrying a baby?owh owh owh!yup, wedges are better!

  6. lady : u pakai heels gi kelas kat IIUM?!?! biar betikkk! hehe. u kulliyyah mana? I dulu KAED kalau pakai heels naik turun bukit tu sambil bawak tools memang tertongging la kot. hahaha

    kiss me jewel : beauty is pain but when it's too painful, tak sanggup! ;-)

    arita : C&K ok jugak lah for the heels. but wedges not so hot also. haha

    shopaholic mama : haaaaaaa! good reason for NOT regretting it. thanks!

    senioritasara : haaa definitely kan! but hard to find wedges yang super sexy within my budget. hehehe



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