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Professional Masseur at Your Service, Sir!

All these while, I had been too lazy to lather lotions all over the little guy's body. I would bathe him, tempek a bit of powder on his face just to make him look fresh from shower and that's it! But then I began to notice how dry his skin started to get and all.

So I had to fight my laziness and made sure that I lather lotions on his body after every bath time. Oh man! Little did I knew how this boy would enjoy his 'massage' session so much. He especially loves it when I start massaging his back. Terus mata kuyu wa cakap lu! Hahaha!

Nowdo you know how much I envy you, little guy? You've got your own personal masseur at your service, anytime, anywhere! What about me? I need someone to massage my aching feet and head after such long days of enduring all your antics! Grow up cepat so I can buli you in doing that for me, ok?


  1. syoknyaaaa little guy smpi tertido2 ye...

  2. babe..bagus tau kalau slalu massage their body...btw i slalu massage her feet before tidor...kejap je layu mata dia :D

  3. takpe2..dia besar skit lagi, mintak dia pulak buat massage tu..hehe..balas budi ni..

  4. lepas tu...
    the BigGuy lak mintak picit2 kann.....
    jeles tgk theLittleGuy...

  5. syoknya irfan....xpe mamanya suh ayahnya plak massage kan..he he he

  6. hehe sedap lah tu kene massage sampai mata kuyu..

  7. haha comel jek.. arsyad klau time sapu lotion je dia pon nk sapu sama.. slalu berebut ngan mama.. hehe

  8. heheheh..bets nyer kene urut...
    dulu2 mase khadeja kecik kenit i pon suke urut dia ngan losyen, now no..urm ibu dia dah xpe dia dah pandai buat sendiri her beauty regime yg best skang, kalu i sakit kepala dia mmg pandai picit2..siap tarik anak rambut tuh...ekekekeke..logo dennnnn

  9. tapikan, ikut my experience, when the boys dah besar kan, they tak bother pun nak tolong urut kita coz they think they have better things to do...hahaha



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