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Bak halilintar membelah bumi!

You know how our preschoolers can really make our blood go upstairs sometimes with their antics? MINE DOES IT EVERYDAY! Especially when I tell him not to do something, then it'll trigger his stubborn hormone to do it over and over again just to see how I would react to that. How do you think I would react? Of course lah mama dia menjerit bak halilintar kan to make him stop whatever that he was doing to piss me off kan!

Like last night, I told the little guy to stay with his father in the computer room as I needed to do my transcribing work. And I needed to do it in peace and quiet environment. BUT NO! Both of them think that the momma does nto deserve her quiet time so they did not take my request seriously. Ok fine. But then, if you wanted to stay with momma in the bedroom, be a good boy lah kan. But No! He just had to rummage through the closet and lenyek my baju raya until lunyai. If it happens to you moms out there, tak hangin ka? So without giving him a warning letter or anything, his momma yelled at him to stop doing whatever damage he was planning on my baju raya and go to the next room and stay there with his father and stay put until it's time to go to bedd then only he can come back here and straight away go to sleep! Haaaa! Kan dah marah cakap non-stop satu nafas!

Immediately he went out of the room with muka sekupang and went into the next door room. Then I heard him telling the big guy : "Abaaaaahhhh, mama maraaaaaahhhh Irfan." Oh I can just imagine the muka cekodok he would make while mengadu domba to his daddy!

I felt like hugging him there and then but then again I have my work to complete! If I start being nice and cuddly with him at that time, I would never be able to do it that's for sure! Sigh. WHY LAHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU SO SO VERY NAUGHTY HAH IRFAN? You know I love you right? I just need you to follow my orders and not do things just because you want to do them. OK???



  1. alalala..syiannn dia..gitu la anak2 ni, takleh tengok mamanya buat keje! dia pun niat ikhlas nak "tolong" ...kuikuikui

  2. hahaha...budak2 ni memang ade jeee nak buat our blood go upstairs kan..haihh saba jela bai.

  3. mereka di tingkat 14 pun boleh dengar suara anda tau!!!

  4. kalu sy pun akan bertindak mcm tu n siap lg tambahan cubitan kat mana yg smpat..budak2 kan mmg mcm tu..lg kita tegah lagi dia buat..kita marah bukn kita xsyg..nk ngaja sebenarnya..

    tp bila tgk anak tido br rase nyesal napelah sy marah dia tadi..

  5. boys ma!! when do they ever listen!!! ... i also penat d after reading ur entry ni ... jap i take 5 eh ... huhuhu

  6. sz mass : ha'ah. tapi tolong dia lagi memenatkan mak dia kan! huhu

    farah :true! sabooooooooooooooo ja lah!

    dr.singa :kat penthouse tingkat 18 tu pun dengaq aih! haha

    hanim : tulah bila tengok dia tido nyesal tak spend more time with him nyesal tak main ngn dia nyesal marah dia. semua ada.

    papakeechee : kannnn! ok sila take 5. ;-)



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