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Who can lend me some money?

You know how there will be months where you get to spend almost all of your salary on luxury stuff without having to worry about payments and such. And then there will be some months when all things seemed to requires tons and tons of money to pay for. Gula, kopi, sabun basuh baju, all of them conspired to end their lives on the same month! Then there are the road tax, insurance, house installments, car broke down, bil henfon melambung naik and all those I-don't-even-want-to-think-of payments. Kesian laki I tau macam ni!

But then again...

Amidst all that, the woman still has the guts to think "Alaaaaaaa! Kalau macam tu tak boleh lah beli the gladiator heels that I've been eyeing for, abang?". Ha! See! Kan muncung adinda dah panjang sedepa tu!


  1. mueheheee...
    jgn pinjam kat ahlong sudah! :p

  2. OMG! always a problem, always, kan? pk itu pk ini, until, satu pun tak ter settle. until one time, my hubby kata, "kita ni kufur dunia, duit byk tapi tak enjoy..." there and then, baru la we all start spend beli brg utk DIRI SENDIRI instead of paying bills!!! huh!

  3. sz mass : isk isk tamau lah. kat ah long kalau pinjam seratus kang kena bayar dua ratus. haha

    adianiez: hahahaha..betul tu. tapi nak buat camna..bil tatap kena bayar kan. just gotta make sure kita spend wisely ja la kan. which is quite hard to do. huhu

  4. i nak mintak kasut baru kt papi pon teragak2.. i need new shoes! sakit kaki makcik diri layan customer tau! kalu pakai 9west sure tak sakit.. :P



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