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Makan-makan at rumah baru renovate

Last weekend were spent touring the island. We went everywhere from town to kampung area. Irfan sure had so much fun jalan-jalan with the in-laws and my family instead of being cooped up in his old boring house while his mama layan "internet! internet! internet!".

It was such a refreshing environment for him when we went for makan-makan session at my uncle's newly renovated house in Paya Terubong. It used to be my grandparent's house and the house where my mom grew up, I think. One of the houses at least as they moved every so often back then.

Anyway, the new house is still in the process of refurnishing and thus still a bit messy. I just can't wait for my uncle to redo the previously destroyed landscape. They used to have luscious landscape at the backyard. My uncle grew all sorts of plants there, including big fat cucumbers and tomatoes! Suka!  But it was destroyed during the renovation process.

Since it's a kampung house, they have lots and lots of chicken and roosters wandering around the area. The little boy was so jakun that he kept on shrieking to us "Wowww!!! Chicken! SO BIIIIIIIIIGGG!!!". Hahaha! He made his aunty ran here and there to bring him to all the nooks and cranny around the village house. Luckily the aunty was so rajin to entertain him.

See! He even laughed like a maniac when they let him kipas api while my uncle was burning all the rubbish and junks at the backyard. Funny guy he is!

The best thing for me was that I was free to just chit chat and eat eat eat while someone else took care of the little guy! I want more of that blissful moments please!


  1. sy pun suka bila org tgk tgkkan anak kita n kita dengan senang hati boleh makan n borak2 semua..sukalah irfan dpt ebrlari kat tanah lapang tu semua..kejar2 ayam..

  2. comel la dia..ada x dia buat bunyi ayam masa dia nmpk ayam2 tu??

  3. hahahhaa i suk ala telatah irfan.. selalu terkenang sami bile tgk dia.. hahahhaa

  4. indahnya hidup bila dpt merasa jadi ma'am kembali.. tapi baru je nak berangan lebih2, pop! imaginasi pun hilang :p

  5. eee... bestnya.. jeles tak dapat join.. takpa, takpa -- nanti raya kita joli na..

    Yah -- wrong storyline la.. Rumah they grew up in was the house in Zoo Road (yg kaler hitam -- la ni rupa dah buruk -- dulu cantik).. Rumah ni is rumah owned by Mak Tok..atas tanah family Tok Bib (complicated la)..Bagi kat Mamu Non apa duduk..



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