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Egg in A Hole

I'm sure you people have come across the egg-inside-the-hole-sandwich before. I don't know what it's called, but apparently it was featured in one movie before this.

Anyway, though I didn't have all the ingredients (read : cheese and mayo) in the fridge, I still wanted to make 'em for the big guy. So I made do with what we had instead. I used these for one set of roti telur : butter spread on the 2 pieces of bread, sprinkle a pinch of salt, lotsa black pepper, an egg and some chilie sauce.

Because the big guy was too lazy to take out the oven from the store room, I had to make do with grilling 'em in the microwave instead. It took foreeeeeeever to cook in the microwave, that I managed to iron a pair of work clothes for the big guy while waiting! But I'm glad I made it anyway.

Because? The big guy loves them! 

However, despite the presentable look, I still don't like it. BUT. If you like runny egg ala half-boiled egg, then you would love this. The big guy even asked me countless of times on how I made them. But since he loveeeeeessss 'em to bits, he can be sure that I would never ever tell him the secret of making the roti-telur-lubang-tengah

You know why?

Because it's gonna be add to the 'List of Things That You Can't Do Without Me'! Muahahaha!


  1. lately i nampak few blogger buat roti telur ni... i sorang je ketinggalan tak penah makan lagi... shud try asap lah...

  2. wah..wah....wah....
    menarik ni...
    (nak tanya camna buat...mesti tak jawab..)
    tengah dok imajin..

  3. rasenya mcm pernah tgk roti ni..nk buatlah..mcm mana yer nk buat lubang kat tengah tu?

  4. wahh..boleh cuba ni..menarik..

  5. my hubby sure dont eat it coz dia tak makan telur mata kerbau tu. Mungkin boleh invent jadi macam telur dadar in hole kot.. hehehe..

  6. hehhee.. bijak bijak..
    nak cube buat gak laa, hopefully berjaya. can be my list too.. :)

  7. hahahahha sweet....
    looks simple and delish! mesti try

  8. aaa..kagum kagum kagum! ihiksss

  9. ish..ish..semalam i dok terpikir nak mkn camne lah roti ngan telur yg ader kat umah..since i malas nak kluar g beli makanan...huhuh, i shud try this lah blk nnt...hehehheh

    p/s: kalu ader mayo n cheese nak buh tang mane??

  10. wuit..
    macam menarik!
    harus cuba try test buat ni gak!

  11. wah terkagum kejap sebab anda sudah membuatnya...hehehee saya adalah sangat pemalas...

  12. i dulu belajar buat ni masa kat aussie.poyo kan belajar jauh2.hahahaha
    anyway, amin x baca ke entry ni/kang kantoi pulak cara2 membuatnye..hehe

  13. hi.. I sudah berjaya buat hari ni.... japgi update blog kot hehehhee



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