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BF carrying GF's handbag, what say you?

Kak Anne The Shopaholic Mama posted a very good question in her FB status for us women to ponder. After getting her permission, I am just gonna share it here with my blog readers to get your opinions and take on this issue. 

Ann Goh Kama squirms at the sight of a guy carrying his GF’s handbag while she jalan berlenggang! A handbag is an extension to our personality and we make efforts to match it with our outfit/shoes, so why make yr bfs or hubby carry it for you then? Dont make him look like a carbon copy of yourself and before you know it, he might be fighting for the same top with you during the Zara sale! Well, just my 8cents worth J Peace…

Ermmm...I have to say, one of the comments from Kak Anne's friend really got me thinking. She said that her MIL read somewhere that "Men who carries their womens' handbags are perceived as men who are being controlled by the gf/spouse". Well, i have to say, there's some truth in that. Because it's in their nature that most of the straight men hate doing anything girly, so when they are forced to carry A HANDBAG, it would surely embarrass them. Wouldn't it?

Exceptions for us mothers who would need to carry our babies and all other stuff in between, so if our husbands help out by carrying our h/bags, I guess it's just out of his thoughtfulness. But as Kak Anne put it "A handbag is an extension to our personality and we make efforts to match it with our outfit/shoes", it kinda make sense. You didn't go to all that trouble just so the handbag will end up in the spouses' arms, did you? So I guess from now on  rather than have the big guy carry my handbags I would have him carry the other heavier stuffs in between. 

One thing for sure. I definitely won't let him carry my newly acquired Coach. Because he has ways to somehow spoil and break all my most cherished belongings without meaning to. So big guy, don't worry. You can be rest assured that I won't ruin your manly imageby making you carry my kesayangans! Hehehe!


  1. la tu, my other half pon awal2 lg dah warning jgn suh dia pgg hand bag..tlg pgg jap bley la..itu pun if i need to bring my dotter to toilet..kang naya jer ader plak hndbag jatuh n basah..hehehehe

  2. Better let him carry the kids =P...lg berat.
    Other than that, when i need to go to the ladies la, no choice, takut takde penyangkut ke hapa dah satu keje mana nak membuang mana nak pegang bag...hahaha

  3. tlg pegang kejap ok kot...yelah nmpak mcm kene control kalu dia pgg hbang gf/isteri..

  4. rasanya i pun tak penah lagi mintak husband pegangkan handbag... hehe... masuk toilet i bawak jer..

  5. dr zaman bujang mmg xsuka tgk suami pegang hdbag. jadi kite xkan buat suami kite mcm tu. xmacho la ;)

  6. alamak...aku nie termasuk kategori queen control kah? hahahaha! sokmonye kalau outing mmg kena bagi husband pegang handbag.. ngan 3 anak without bibik mmg tak sempat! dia sokmo dukung yg kecik or tolak stroller yg kecik sambil tolong pegang handbag (tp tak lama la kejap2 je), sambil mak budak2 nie sibuk nak pegang tangan lagi 2 org tu atau urus nak makan budak2 tu dan macam2 lagi 1001 karenah yg ada.. hahahahaahha! esp kalau outing kat luar ganu (kl, johor or penang) mmg suruh dia pegang.. sbb risau ragut/lupa dan macam2 lagi.. I think I am more paranoid than u are.. hahaha! and oh absent minded too, hence that explain why hubby has to take care of everything.. hahahah! and oh, even the kids' diaper bags!!

  7. papi takkan bwk beg i sbb dia malu. i pon xpenah suh. tapi now dia akan carry ape saja sbb i selalu gak susukan sami smbil jalan (case di mana sami nk tido nak susu tapi nak time2 tu gak kire tak sabaq la kan nk smpai umah haha), so i rasa kadang dia kesian kat i.. btw if i ade coach papi kot yg offer diri nak bwk sbb dia selalu gak la suh i pilih2 coach mcm nak pesan kat mmber kt state.. elelele nyiampah bila aku mintak xmo beli bila aku xnak dok offer.. menci

  8. kalo sengaja nak suruh laki pegang henbeg tu, bangang la kan?
    my hubby would only do it if i were up to something.i guess kalo guys membantu (dgn cara mcm tu), nmpk sweet. sebab x semua laki nak buat. perasan macho konon!

  9. hahahahah i pon slalu hubby pegang kan...but bkn i suruh cam bawak beg i nk bawak2...its something like tgh try shoes ker...g fitting ker...or doing something laa...then he will carry it until abes session tuh.. eg : try shoes kan...sampai nk bayar t dier akan carry...which mase nk bayar tuh baru i tringt handbag i... (((read : i sgt carelessssssssssssssss.....mau tetgl handbag kt mane2 kang...huhuhu penah tetgl purse..penah tetgl hp...penah tehilang hp...sbb men letak2 jek mase nk buat something))huhuhuhu



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