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Why are we getting more open with sexual indications in our media?

What do you think of the Axe Effect advert?

Surely, most men just love that advertisement. Rasa tergoda lah kot tengok. I know the big guy loves them as he would be grinning from ear to ear every time that advert is on. Haish, men!

I seriously think it is not fit to be aired in our household, esp when you have kids/teenage in the house. The body language shouts PORN! in your face. And I totally can't figure out how it managed to escape our tapisan whatever that we're supposed to have for the media.

Dulu kalau cerita ada cemolot sikit pun sure potong segala. What about now???? The women in both adverts are seriously coming on to the guys with such explicitly seductive moves. Did you see how that lady grabbed the bottle of ketchup and how the guy reacted to it? Can you look a pious man in the eyes and tell him that no, there's definitely no seductive indications in that act?!? I can't believe we are okay with such exposures and exploitation of women tapi kita melatah when there are increases in the number of cases of illegal abortions and pregnancy out of wedlock. We are sure a bunch of funny monkeys human aren't we?!?

I just wish that we Malaysian women are not PROUD to be exploited in such a way. We have our adat ketimuran, and whatever behaviors that were portrayed in the advert is simply not it!

Jangan nanti esok2 my 2 y.o anak bujang comes to me and say "Mama, nak pakai Axe Effect because I wanna make girls 'dance' like that for me" sudah! Confirm I would be one mak naga and I will amuk the whole nation for it! I hope the advertiser will come out with a more proper advert, the Malay version for our society. Please, for the good of our community, I hope they will take off that advert from our national TV.


  1. betul..agree sangat2..iklan tu macam too much. patut band je, budak2 sekarang dah la advanced. adoila..

  2. betul bai..iklan tu sangat tak sesuai...
    lagi2 untuk budak2 kecik..aku pun geleng kepala jer tgk iklan tu.

  3. betullah..
    ada gak part diorg kat library kan...
    ntah2 apa2 pki baju seksi meksi gitu dlm library ... universiti mana la benarkn student masuk library tak ikut univ dresscode?

  4. Walopon i tak penah tengok but u give enough description that it should not be air.

    The environment/ surrounding getting worse! Letihlah nak bela anak zaman skrg....byk sangat loophole sana sini. Takut anak terjebak!

  5. iklan ni yg mana ek.. i nak tengok jap kat youtube... maklum la i jarang bebenor nengok tibi..

  6. hurm..iklan memang beri satu pengaruh yang besar kepada kita.memang tak patut tayang iklan macm tu! haissh!

  7. yup, agreed with your points! tak perlu ok, & they aired it like bila2 sesuka hati, even at prime time! hish!



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