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Cottons are soooo yummylicious!

I saw this blogshop owner on the tele just now. I wish I've came across them a couple of weeks earlier, before I bought my raya material

I've always been a fan of cotton, but were never confident enough to carry the look. First,  the major setback is that I think cottons are for the skinny people. Because for plump ladies like me, they make us look even plumper. Other than that, cotton designs are pretty limited to floral, which I think fit little girls so well, but not us adults.

However, nowadays cottons designs have been given a touch of glamor. They not only have sweet  pale, floral designs now, but they too have the abstracts, the striking, the colorful and the classy designs.

All pics are taken from the Aneka Cotton website.

If you want a more glamorous look, you can always add on some beading to the material. If only I haven't bought the materials earlier, I definitely am willing to try one of these to see if they suit me. Perhaps for raya haji boleh kot

Now, will you excuse me as I need to go practice batting my eyelashes before the big guy gets home!


  1. cottons are such comfyyyy pieces, :)
    i just started wearing 'em to classes before this and i did a pair for raya as well, to go for solat raya. Kamdar's got REALLLLLYYYYYY cheap and nice designs as well ( because my cousins bought the cottons there to make bags for her business) hehe.

  2. waaa.. cantiknya...sekarang adalah 'musim' cotton la... memang sangat banyak cotton yg dijual skang ni... makanya, raya adalah raya cotton untuk tahun ni..hehehehee

  3. cantinya design cotton tu...unik...mmg musim skrg nie...

  4. hmm..baru ada sepasang aja bj cotton. rsnye Japaneses cotton kut. hmm mmg bila pakai cepat berkedut ke??

  5. alamakkk..spesis buah mempelam ni kurg sesuwei ek?
    btw cantekkk laa design2 bunga2an cotton itu! cepat teruskan latihan kerlipan manjamu itu!

  6. u ni buat nafsu i nk membeli berkobar2 ni..lg2 bila dah bukak itu page..abis sume dtg kerumun nk tgk..x aci aa cenggini..

  7. hehe.. i suka cotton sgt2... last year kurung cotton, this year pun hehe

  8. zoe anna : yeah i notice some attractive pieces at Kamdar too tapi tak ambik. huhuhu

    echa : wah wah wah bestnya raya taun ni cotton ekkkk

    hanim : kannnn!

    honeylanz : ahhh cotton memang kedut sikit kan, tapi understandable kot. since it's cotton. hehe

    sz mass : haahaha usaha tangga kejayaan kan!

    zeta : hahaha! beli cepat! murah ja tuh! :-D

    lady : somehow i really think that it suits ur personality! hehe

  9. haah la bai..cantik2! ishhh ni gatal tangan nak beli ni..tapi kalau beli ade ke lagi tailor nak amik tempahan raya?



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