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Bila anak mula mengarah

My life is just sweet and dandy like an ice cream with crusty chocolaty topping on top! I WISH!

Just when I've got some transcribing jobs to do, which is quite rare nowadays, all the equipments I needed to do the job decided to fail on me! First the laptop that I've been using all this while went kaput! Which reminds me, OMG I've got all the important documents in there esp that of the diaper cakes orders and also my transcribing invoices. SHOOTTT!!

Then the speaker is not working so well. Sometimes ok sometimes not. The headphone is giving trouble too  where one side isn't functioning, thus I have to listen to the other side with so much concentration that I think I would go bonkers any moment from...*look at the wall clock* now!

The little guy definitely didn't make it any easier for me. He's been COMPLAINING people! Yeah this boy is sooooo like nenek kebayan nowadays,he  keeps on complaining that all I ever do is KEJA KEJA KEJA and not spending enough time entertaining him. Boleh? Budak 2 tahun pun dah pandai complain ek skarang?!? Yesterday as he got up from his afternoon nap (which rarely  happened nowadays), he wanted to have a bath. I kept on telling him we'd do it in a minute or so  as i was mopping the house and such.

In the end, as he pressured me with his non-stop chattering I gave in to him. I just wanted to do a final touch up on the mopping part when he suddenly appeared in the doorway and SIGHED EXASPERATEDLY! Dia sighed ok! Like 'Haaaaaaaaaaiiishhh'! Then he made an exasperated face at me while saying "Enough lahhhhhh!". Hahaha! Seriously, I don't know whether to feel amused or irritated by that. Not enough with the big boss bossing me around at night, now I've got a little boss to tell me what to do and what not during the days pulak!

Ain't my life the sweetest of them all??? *slaps forehead!*


  1. i think i face the same probs.
    we at the same boat

  2. mmmgggg sgttt pandai komplen la budak skrg ni...
    ihikss...sama je yg kat umah ni... :)

  3. hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahaa suka la irfannnn... terubat rindu kat sami baca psl irfan hahahhahaha

  4. hahahahahahahaha. so clever! he wants u!

  5. budak2 sekarang cpt bijak DM...mcm2 irfan nie..bijak sgt..

  6. mak aiii... pandainya.. arri n molly meowwww bagai nak rak kalau dia nak sth.. selagi i tak tunaikan selagi tu dia meowwwww gila kaw2 punya...

  7. mariaarifbaby : hahhh pening kan??!?!?

    sz mass : kenapakah eh? mungkin sebab makan makanan mahal tak macam kita dulu kot. hahaha logik ka tak!

    ely : nanti balik tengok sami teringat irfan plak. hiks

    fizamior : macam2 lah dia ni

    hanim : kannnnnnnnnnn!!! budak zaman IT lah katakan!

    lady : serious??? pandai betoi kucing zaman sekarang kan! haha

  8. yes definitely the sweetest!! ... But when the little ones do it i find it cute ... on the other hand if the husband do it ... it's pretty annoying ...

  9. hahahahahh comey aper...sure u cam omegod...nk wat aper ni cam terkedu kan...hahhahah soo cleverrr :p

  10. despite that, you cant help but to adore his antics right?? cuteness!



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