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When the OLD scandal appeared out of nowhere!

I was watching the tele just now, when suddenly a familiar face materialized in front of me. On the television screen I mean. I rummaged my mind trying to find out who this guy is, and when they mentioned his name K******, it struck me right there and then! He was one of the guy whom I was gossiped with during the old days. And now he's making an appearance on TV already?!? Syabas betta! Hahaha!

I quickly called out to the big guy who was next door to come and see my old flame...errrrr NOT! He was actually in the study room watching one of his favourite TV series and I knew how he really hates it when I  disrupt his attention while he's doing that. So I actually knocked politely on the door and asked him sweetly whether he wanted to see the guy who fought over me with another guy in class last time.  Hehehe. Well,  I just had to twist the truth a little bit to get his ass off the sofa and into our room didn't I? And what better way to do that than to make it sound like I was the hottest chick ever existed in that particular class? Oh, now that I've got the chance to think it over. Perhaps I should've over-exaggerate it to him by making it sound like the whole  class were really fighting to win my love but guess who got me in the end? My dear googly woogly bear busuk masyam hubby! I'm sure if I ever succeed in making him believe that,  I would be able to cheat him into buying me more handbags. And I berani kerat jari he would do it willingly, thinking that he married a once-hot-chick-who-has-now-turned-into-a-suam-suam-kuku-big-fat-chicken! Hahahaha!

Anyway, the big guy asked me to look for his blog. The guy I was gossiped with. But I couldn't find it  on google anyway. If not I'm sure the two of us would have so much fun reading the blog and  kutuk orang GOSSIPS in bed!

OH seriously you can't blame us. We are a sucker for cheap entertainments like that!


  1. ihiks..syokkk wooo ada geng gossip! :)

  2. haha.. meh share nama mamat tuh leh gossip sesama hahaha

  3. after reading your title tu I cant get the "scandalous" song outta my head ... haish!! jaga exam nanti mesti will play that song over and over again ... huhuhu ...

    btw sapa itu scandal?? ^_^

  4. ayu : jeng jeng jeng!

    sz mass : sapa geng gossip u? hehe

    nurul : gossip itu penting haha

    dr. singa : dato' belum atuk pun belum. hahahha

    ely : hahahahha as long as u dun start na gossip wakakkaka

    papakeechee : nanti will let u know in person

    isabelle : ganazzzzzzzzzz sangat! hehehe



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