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What Really Irks Me!?!

What irks me today :

1) When I read about bloggers who confidentally declare the type of blogs which are considered good, and which types are considered lame. In a way , she was actually declaring that HER blog is definitely a GOOD blog. You know what I think? So full of herself, that's the kind of people she is. Oh, but don't get me wrong k. I don't mind bloggers giving tips in improving our blogs, I just hate it when people like to hentam other people just because they think they are the best.

2) Copy cats who don't have originality in their writings (and doings).  This might be against my better judgement, but I just have to say this to get over it. I have detected some people trying to write their posts using MY story line and at times MY style of writing. Come on you copy cats! BE ORIGINAL. Just be yourself! No one likes a copy cat anyway!

3) Delicious food. Because it makes me want to eat and eat and eat non-stop! I don't want to be called HUMPTY DUMPTY by my own son, please! So stop giving me GOOOOOOD FOOOOOD!

That's all for now. Thank you for your attention peeps. Have a blast today!


  1. tak faham nape org kena tiru blog org lain. baik tak yah ada blog camtu. haha.

  2. hoi kasik la link blog point 1 & 2 tuuu nak bacaaa .. okek kepoh.. ntah2 aku masuk dlm list hahahhaa

  3. aku pun kena hentam dek blogger fofular.bukan senang jadik senang kan.whats comes around goes around :)tapi aku suka blog bout food..hahahahaha

  4. hahahaa..2-point atas tu mmg ku sokong!
    point ke-3 tu takleh tolong la..ihiksss..

  5. What is the 'must eat' food when we are in Penang?

    I remembered eating nasi colour biru at this famous tourist area, supposed to be nasi ayam but the rice colour biru!

  6. i nak kepochi gak, blog mana tu .. hihi..

  7. ~apakehal nak hentam2 blog orang??!!!
    it is a free web world...sukahati lah kann....
    ~pasal kopi mengkopi tu...tak de idea tak payah tulis lah weh.....

  8. oit mek...yg no.3 tu tak aci laaa...
    ko pun ada tunjuk food tau...
    even kay-ep-si pun tangkap leleh tau =P

  9. oo pasal food tu DM tak suka sy suka jer..boleh plak irfan ajuk mama dia Humpty dumpty..he he he..comel..

  10. untuk point 1 :
    it's just their opinion, not necessarily the..take it as constructive feedback la
    untuk point 2 :
    get over urself la
    untuk point 3 :
    delicious food kalau tak mau makan...simpan dalam showcase kat dapoq tu.....

    Amin Yasin

  11. lea : kannnnnn! benciiii sangat!

    ely : i know u measti nak tahu punya! hahahahhahaha

    elissmie : blog about food memang best! hehe

    sz mass : tolonglah tolong! hehe

    shopaholic mama : hah??? not nasi kerabu eh????? tak pernah saw nasik ayam blue in color. ok nanti i will try to write about must eat food in penang k.

    ady : ermmmm...takut nak gitau nanti semua orang condemn i balik. haha

    dr singa : tahhh suka hati al kan. contoh kalau tak suka baca blog penuh grammatical error takyah lah baca kan. hiks

    mommyct : hahahhaha i know! sebab tak suka gemok sorang2 nak ajak orang semua gemok berjemaah. kihkih

    hanim : suka makan tapi tak suka gemok! haha

    amin yasin : sentiasa dengki ngn bini sendiri :-p

  12. DM :) no 1 tu tak baikla cam tu kan bog macam org gak ada keunikan and kelemahan masing2 - we are here for sharing kan takda sapa betul atau salah or bagus or tak bagus kan

    no 2 betul2 but sometimes maybe kita amek idea xpa lagi rasanya but writing style kena sendiri la at least not totally la kalu nak tiru

    no 3 tu i am 200 percent with you :)



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