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When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do?

After almost 2 years, this blog has finally reach it's turning point. Day by day, the writer starts to have doubt in her capability to make the blog more interesting to read. She is thinking, what's the point? There's so many other blogs out there. Tumbuh bak cendawan. They're a lot more eye-catching compared to this blog. If A Drama Mama disappears from the public eyes, no one would be missing it. Really.

Though she has so many things to share with the world, it's hard to maintain the enthusiasts to write with such commitments as other bloggers show. She's finding it harder and harder to update on a regular basis, because she's only human. She has ups and downs in life too. Especially in the mood department. She doesn't believe in sharing her negative thoughts in such an open place as this blog though. That's because it had done her and other people around her harms more than anything. It was much regrettable on her part. But when she's feeling blue, who can she turns to?


Anyway, just to share what I've been up to recently. A diaper cake order from my biras' friend. Definitely not my adik beradik ok.;-) Though she turned out to be related to my SIL. Such a small world it is indeed!


Look at the yellow ribbons. Ughhhh!!! They're pretty ugly, aren't they?! And they're pretty expensive too, tak padan dengan buruk. Anyone know where can I get nice printed ribbons at a cheap reasonable price? Preferably online. Jangan lah suggest kat Jalan TAR pulak kan. Jenuh nak naik turun bas ekspress semata-mata nak beli ribbons! Haha!


  1. Actually, i really like your idea at twinkywinkystars ... oops sorry tak menjawab soalan. I tak tahu la kat mana nak cari printed ribbon.. Kang suggest kat Nilai 3, sama gak cam suggestion kat Jalan TAR tu wakakakakkaa... hehehehe

  2. i ade ribbon kat umah, ekceli stok my fren & she's selling cheap (err i think so, i dh xingat market price).. nnti i amik gambo n show u.. :D

  3. tengok tajuk entry u teringat lagu phil collins.. hehe.. there will be time mood kita happy and vice versa.. such is life...
    follower u dah ramai, tu menunjukkan ramai suka baca yr blog...including me of course.. :)
    i nak kasi idea i pun tatau.. kalau pekan rabu dekat aloq staq tu dekat ke tak ngan penang ek?

  4. atulhani : hahaha nilai 3 eh, serious lebih kurang ja ngn jalan tar! haha

    ely : haaa ambik gambo please!!! nak nak nak!

    lady : haaa pekan rabu ada jual ribbons ka? dekat la jugak tu!

  5. nak oder boleh???
    tapi nak tukar diaper jadik Laurrier...Liberese pun boleh....

  6. dear! just write apa apa je lah...for me i tk kisah ada org baca ke long as i puas with what i write tu :D
    anyway kita tk tau lah kat ner nak cari ribbons tu... i tau kat jln tar je kihkih

  7. hehehe ribbon2 ni jupe masa sibuk nak wat hantaran kawen 5yrs+ idea! sorry dear! :)

  8. i pernah pi pekan rabu tahun 1995 nak beli barang hantaran for my sis wedding hehe... tapi tu la that was like 15 years ago.. i pun baru darjah 5 masa not so sure macam mana keadaan pekan rabu not but m sure, mesti dah bertambah baik kan...tak silap i depa panggil che det mall skrg ni kan..

  9. dear..cuba u try carik kat A tu Z seberang jaya tuh..banyak gak collection ribbon dia..ssf kat inderawasih pun banyak choice..:)



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