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I am one heart broken wife

Tak cukup heart broken with the son's hair cut, another thing happened to break my heart into pieces.

Someone who's holding a grudge against me for whatever reason that I couldn't care less, said things that really made me wish that life is different for me. 

Somebody actually implied to someone else that I'm a mother who never know how to take care of my son. Worse is, she was trying to hasut that someone to hate me. Implying that I'm a lazy bum who is too lazy to move her fat ass to go working. Harap duit laki ja. And she so pity my husband who has to pay for this and that! And when that someone backed me up saying that I got a diaper cake business, she dengan penuh hasad dengki pointed out that "ADIK BERADIK DIA JA LAH DOK ORDER!"

Oh well, while I was working in KL last time, I was accused of the same thing. Menghabiskan duit the husband for him to travel to KL every other week to meet me. I know that these people should be ignored, but I can't help feeling hurt when being accused of such things. It's like I'm not worth a single penny to my hubster. It's like I'm living off him and trying to take advantage of his position. It's like I'm ripping him offf his wealth yang tak seberapa. It's like I don't have any right on his earning. Worst of all, it makes me feel like  a HAMBA ABDI to my husband, instead of a wife. 

I know that someone hates seeing us being so much in love. I know she hates seeing me getting stuff even though I'm not working but she refused to see that she's in the same position that I am. Itulah orang kata "Gajah depan mata tak nampak, semut kat seberang sungai boleh nampak". Or something like that. I know she hates it that my husband loves me that much that he is willing to make sacrifices for me. And don't you dare think that I don't make any sacrifices for my husband! What do you know about sacrifices anyway?

Need I tell you that I let go of my promising career just because I hate seeing my husband being sad when he got remarks like "Tak guna hang kahwin, bini takdak nak jalan tanggungjawab kat hang!". Need I tell you that I've dated all sorts of men, the rich ones, the good looking ones, but I let them all go because this simple guy stole my heart and I was willing to go through hardship with him because of love? Need I rub it in your face that while I was bleeding to death and worried sick for the baby in my womb during the 7th month of my pregnancy, my husband was not there to comfort me. I had to go through a  terribly cold night alone in the hopital bed because my husband had more important responsibility to attend to. Need I tell you though I cried a bucket that night, but I didn't force him to come because I knew he was torn in between and I didn't want to put more burden on his shoulder.

And if I ever list out all the sacrifices I made to be with him, will that stop your rotten mouth from talking bad about me anymore?



  1. bai, my advise is...u shouldn't let these morons know that u r affected by their words. act cool and i hope they dont read this entry of yours.

  2. DM - Agak besar bebanan yg u tanggung ni. Sabar yer. doa byk2, Insya Allah everything will gonna be ok soon.

    Mulut org ni mmg susah nk tutup. ikut sedap dia je nk kata. Yg penting u & hubby faham each other.
    Support from hubby is very much important for this kind of thing.

  3. Ignore them dear...we cannnot shut their mouth even u list all the sacrifice made...
    they are jealous of you ...
    the most important things is you, hubby n family

  4. Dear, mereka yang macam ni mmg wujud di mana2. 1 thing, mereka cuma suka menyibuk tentang hal2 orang lain sdangkan mereka sendiri sebenarnya tidaklah sehebat mana. Itu yang tidak baiknya bila ada sikap dengki dan suka banding2kan diri dengan orang lain. For me, tiap dari kita ni ada cara hidup masing2. Asal tidak mengganggu hidup orang lain dan hidup dengan cara yang 'betul' itu adalah yang terbaik. Tutupkan telinga dan jaga family kita dengan baik itu yang terbaik yang boleh kita lakukan. Orang luar tak perlu tahu apa yang mereka nak tahu. Yang penting.. kita sekeluarga HAPPY!!! :) mereka bila sudah penat akan tutup juga mulut nanti atau paling tidak mereka akan sakit hati sendiri. Jadi biarkan mereka yang begini :)

  5. sabar.. sabar.. dugaan mematangkan diri kita lagi... sabar yee... setiap kesabaran tu ada balasannya...

  6. haish!!! even if i tell u to ignore it will still hurt ... ppl just cant keep their nose out of other ppls affair ... hope she will reap what she sows soon enuff la ... nyampah dah tahap gaban!!! As long as Amin understands you that's wat counts ...

    btw, hope she burns!!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh

  7. Sabar byk2 dear.. mulut org mmg takle tutup.. and manusia ni mmg penuh ngan hasad dengki.. Actually, we, either stay at home mome or work at home mom do make a lot of sacrifices!! Just for the sake of our family!! Pedulikan ape org kata as long as kita tau ape yg kita buat and janji kita happy.. Apa yg org ckp, biar Allah je yg balas.. Org yg penuh ngan hasad dengki ni slalu nye hidup tak pernah tenang, tak pernah rasa cukup dgn ape yg dia ada.. Tuh yg jd camtuh..

    Be happy dear~

  8. dear drama mama,

    just nak tanya, yg kata camtu tu from keluarga husband you ker? i rasa kan, you just abaikan jer, act cool. jgn di layan. biar jer lah. tak payah sakit hati. asal your hubby loves u, cukup. family kita, kita punya pasal lah.

    p/s : i married a mamak too!

  9. bai..dunt wory be happy..ignore ja kata2 tuh..lagi kita angin lagi hebat depa cakap.....try to make mcm x ada apa2....

  10. Dear Drama mama,i hope you are feeling better now. Don't worry to much and don't feel bad, you can be very angry but don't feel sorry and sad.. you deserved every single cents of you husband's monies,don't they learnt that,islam asked husband to provide everything up to pembantu etc..if they can't they must help us in doing our daily chores. Our relationship with husband is unique,orang yang dengki biarlah dia sakit hati sampai tergolek-golek:) You take care, don't let that sweet face of yours be drown in sadness,cute irfan won't like that:).

  11. Cheer up sweets... I know its hard not to let people like this get to you but TRY. Cos they are really not worth thinking about. As long as both you and hubby know better, then be d*amn with that person.

  12. Salam...

    Ala...baru nk bg comfort words, tp seems like dah ramai yg mendahului..Nak amek smua dan cakap balik kat U buleh dak??Hihihi..

    Cheer up DM, mulut orang mmg kt xleh nk tutup. Mereka smua dengki & busuk hati serta jeles dgn apa yg U ada. Mereka x puas hati sebab tak dapat apa yg U dapat. Tak berbaloi pun pikir hal diorang smua.

    Yang penting, U ada suami & anak yang memahami. With all those sacrifices, sure they are truly proud & happy to have U as U are. U hidup untuk siapa? Bukan untuk mereka2 yang jahat itu kan??

    So, again..Cheer up & be happy! =)

  13. Oh, I feel u...totally understand ! Sedap je mulut orang nak kata macam2 sedangkan hakikatnya these people dengki dengan kehidupan kita yang bahagia di samping suami dan anak2 yang penyayang. I sampai sekarang ni dah jadi kering hati...I always tell myself "stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me !". Ignore je w/pun hati ni sakit jugak bila memikirkannya. Tapi ingatlah, lagi bahagia hidup kita, lagi tak senang duduk orang yang dengki dan mengata kita itu :) Take care dear :)

  14. i hope by now, hati u dah semakin tenang...
    apa yg penting sekarang ni husband u kenap diri u yang sebenar, orang luar yang tak kenal tu depa boleh kata apa saja... may be u r right, yang dok mengata ni kadang2 tak boleh tengok orang lain bahagia...
    u take care dear..

  15. be strong dear...
    and...sesekali...bagi je sebijik kat diorang..jangan bagi muka...

  16. k.yah,buat apa k.yah sakitkan otak n bazirkan masa dok pk pasal org yg tak guna lagi tak ada akai tu?? yg sebetulnya kan,from all the story tu kesimpulannya org yg dok cakap pasai k.yah tu dengki sangat sbb you have everything berbanding ignore ja k,mulut org mmg tak leh tutup..neway kan sapa org yg "mulut macam longkang" tu?

  17. She is just jealous of you and jealousy will get her nowhere! I pantang betul if dengar kalau orang mengata kita mcm tu...
    Honestly, we, the wives, deserve all the good things from the husbands.
    Ishhh geramnya dgn orang tu, tapi apa nak buat, you sabar jelah k!

  18. salam,

    jika baca di blog adik iqbal ni (, tu mcm tanda iman -'ve (benci kebaikan).

    semoga dilindungi Allah drp hasad dengki manusia (amalkan ayatul Kursi sentiasa..)



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