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Makan ka melantak ni?

As said earlier, I'm in the midst of puasa ganti marathon. The first day (yesterday) was so very tiring. After a long break from fasting, that is. To make it more challenging, the little guy seemed to develop a huge appetite yesterday, demanding to eat everything that he could name!

Puasa-puasa ni, uols faham la kan. Even a plain 'spaiteti' soup can make me drool. And the little guy just wouldn't stop with a bowl, he wanted two bowls to wallop in one seating! Saja nak menguji iman mak dia la tu!

Then, I don't know what was going on yesterday. But all of a sudden, so many bloggers blogged about food. Thus it heightens my gluttony level to tahap paling dewa di abad ini! I wanted to have so many things  for berbuka that I got confused in the end. So we ended up having asam pedas + daging cincang for bukak puasa dishes.

But lucky me, I guess! Since orang tak berpuasa also craved to eat something that was unavailable last night, we ended up eating something that I had been craving for quite some time. The Black Pepper chicken from KFC. With Mister Potato as side dish. FOR SUPPER ok. Haha! Nafsu gajah betoi! Lepas supper, perut sebu tak boleh tidoq nyenyak sampai pagi! 

 Huwaaa! Sedap melampau, better than Ayam Goreng Spicy McD my fave!

No more eating like orang tak makan sebulan after this! Or else I will end up bloating like a balloon once the marathon is over!


  1. oh wow, ada ayam goreng black pepper la pulak ye. sedap tak? boleh lawan mcD prosperity burger tak? (haha i know i know, tak relevant langsung pun. Bai, i'm still around. main2 tukar2 url. (mcm takde keje la sangat kan, LOL) i'm here:

  2. ihiksss....bila baca entry post kawan2 pasal bayar pose ni br nak insaf..ihikss.s...ok2 cepatttt ganti pose wahai diriku! lalalalalaa

  3. berapa lagi tinggal tu? me dah habis last thursday! dah buleh raya..hehehe

  4. hehehe... besar dugaan tuh!! luckily me dah selamat dah..

  5. mmglah kalu pose nie mcm2 kita nk makan....mknan yg xsedap pun jd sedap masa pose tu..dugaan...

    sy pun suka ayam KFC blak pepper tu....sedap kan...

  6. teringat kfc hot and spicy yang dulu tu... uhuk2...

  7. U ni goda I laa.. rosak program diet macam ni.. Saya tak pernah makan black pepper chicken KFC tuh.. tapi kalau macam ni, mmg tergoda lah. Dah la kat Cyberjaya dah ada KFC.... adooii....

  8. first day puasa mmg macam tu....macam kebulur kekdahnya...dun worry....nanti dah tak layan dah sup kosong tu..jeling2 ja..hihii

  9. oh boy!!! that soup looks yummylicious indeed ... sluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrp!! ... eh lupa lupa ... i posa also .... huhuhu



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