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Mari mari! Tengok gambar Ariani saya!

There's a few request for me to tepek the Ariani pics. I was too lazy actually because they're just the plain ones, nothing extra ordinary about them. But since there's even one reader emailed me asking about it (you know who you are ;-) ), I guess I'll just tepek ja lah kan.

Haaa see! Ambik gambar pun halal balal, I'm just plain lazy to hang it nicely and all! Btw, another reader just texted me saying Ariani is now available in Sg. Petani, no need to order jauh-jauh dah. Oh well, I think there's also another one in Alor Setar kan. Cuma I ja tak sampai-sampai lagi. Anyone interested to be my personal shopper? I want to have the printed ones pulak like this! 

Anyway peeps, can you guess what theme color I have chosen for our raya this year?


  1. ahahaha..kalo kaler grey/silver sama la tema raya kita! :)

  2. mesti awak pilih tema kaler purple.. tul tak.. ? hehehe



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