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Sms tak senonoh

As I mentioned in this post, Irfan loves taking pictures using my Sony C905. The other day, he went overboard by taking a picture and sent it via sms to his aunty!

Huwaaaaaaaa!!! Luckily he didn't take any 'obscene' picture or else he would have given his aunty a heart attack! Hahaha!

I'm gonna leave it up to your imagination untuk tafsirkan the picture above. Hehe.

I got a message from my biras asking about the mms I just sent her. I was at first confused, but then I knew the little guy must have done something with the phone. So I immediately checked the sent messages!.My guess was right, not only he sent the mms to the aunty, but a couple of unidentified sentences  in separate smses to her as well!

The biras told me that she was at first shock, thinking that I  I was sending her a 'signal' or something.  Something that I didn't want anyone else to know. Hahaha! That's funny ok!

And oh, I even got a call from the big guy's friend because apparently, he too received some unidentified smses from my number.

I will definitely have to check on the little guy more often now. Because now I know that when he's all quiet, that's definitely because he's up to something!


  1. hahaha bahaya ni... Aqil penah beberapa kali mms pic dia yang abahnya.. nasib baik dia send kat abah dia.. kalau org lain mau terpinga-pinga org tu hihi

  2. nuha biasa send sms kosong kat abah dia since no my huby dalam senarai pertama my phone list.bila dapat sms kosong ajer mesti dia ckp anak dara kami send padahal ada jugak mak dara dier tersend..hehehe

  3. oh sebijik mcm my son! sib baik yg dpt sms tu my dad n his nowadays!

  4. wakakaka..bahaya tu. kang u tgh sexy2 kat rumah, dia snap n send kat org lak. hehehe

  5. cannot figure out lor wat's in da pic huhu

  6. wah wahhh bahaya ni!
    apsal mcm I nampak badan pompuan?hahahahha
    adoii mata ku kenapakah?

  7. mcm lobang hidung saya tengok..hahaha

  8. amboi!!! boleh jadik spy antarabangsa ni ... hehehe ... btw it looks like someones A$$ la ... huhuhu =P

  9. i pun rasa tu gmbr kaki irfan..x pon gmbr tudung u hehehe



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