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My Water Moments with Sony TX5

Reading a blog without  pictures is like reading a boring educational journal. Every stories should be accompanied with pictures so as to make the write up more interesting and worth reading.

That's the reason why, every blogger must at least own one camera, be it a digital, DSLR or even a phone camera. Sadly for us, our old camera does not serve us well anymore. It used to be one of the most canggih camera during it's glorious time, but now it's just a rectangle little box which memory card has been hidden in some place where we could never find it. Ini semua keja si kenit lah apa lagi!

Since then, my Sony Ericson C905 has became my best friend as it takes decent pictures for my blogging purposes. Not good, far from being the best, but at least it's decent. Readers could at least identify the subject of my capture, so decent enough la tuh! Hahaha!

But then again, I always have to be extra careful with the phone because the little guy has picked up my habit of taking pictures of every happenings in our life. Seperti seorang blogger tegar lagaknya! He takes all sorts of pictures without my knowledge and at times, the outcome is not bad at all!

But there were also times when he would make his mama's blood go upstairs when he would pull of sorts of stunt with the phone (camera). Once, while I was washing the dishes and the sink was filled with water, he threw my phone INSIDE IT! Just because he wanted to get my attention! It went bonkers for several days and only God knew how I felt at the moment. I was worried sick that I would never be able to blog again. NO picture means that NO ONE would care to read my blog for long!!!!

Putting that incident aside, we actually had many-many good moments with water. Water is part of the more beautiful moments we've created throughout our 2 years ++ of being together, ME-THE LITTLE GUY-THE BIG GUY.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take very good and quality pictures of the little guy's "bubble moments" which was and still is his most favorite time of the day.

Or one of the happiest moments we spent at various water parks around the country.

I missed it all because we don't own a decent camera!!!

Yerp, I believe that these happy memories sooo need preservation! So that when the little guy grows up, he knows that his parents tried their best to give him the happiest childhood they can ever afford to give. That's why I sooooo want to win the Sony DSC-TX5 from Nuffnang!

The features of this particular Sony is uber cool they would put your DSLR to shame, trust me!
1) It's 10.2 Mega Pixel T Series 4x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot as in comparison to my C905 yang multi function as a camera and a phone, it's only 8.1 Mega Pixel.
2) The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! Ok, features ni sangat best! If I win this camera, I definitely would not hesitate to bring it anywhere near or even IN  the water so I can shoot clearer pics. And capture the interesting happenings in my life in detail. 

The below pics are of my son's "aqua-phobia"moments but sadly I didn't get to capture the expression on his face in detail. I'm pretty sure the pictures would  look  even greater with Sony TX5, as I can bring them  inside the pool WITHOUT having to worry that it might get spoil if fall underwater! 
These one here are of his "mengorat moment" in the pool. Padahal tak sedar diri tu aqua-phobia, sanggup berlagak berani semata-mata nak mengorat! Hahaha! What a funny moment it was for me. I'm sure I would have been able to take a more detailed expression of him mengorat-ing the kakak with the Sony TX5!

3)  Handheld Twilight. Ok, features ni sangattttttt la penting for me! Because, I don't know about you guys, but I look extremely ugly when flash is used for my pics. Especially kalau dah makeup tebal-tebal and then  the photographer start clicking, ada flash pulak! Serious tepung gomak! Macam Opera Cina la jawabnya. Don't get me wrong. The artists in Chinese Opera are supposed to look like that, coz they are playing in an opera, right. But aku nak pi makan kenduri ja pun, apahal nak look like artis opera pulak kan! 

This is among the least ugly ones but still, gambar ini adalah tak sanggup nak letak. Tetapi demi kerana sebijik kamera, ku gagahkan jua. Hahaha! Tengok tu, mata sembab, dahi jendul shining. Ewwwwww tak sukaaa! 

4) Intelligent Sweep Panorama - Also good feature for a nature lover like me. Can take panoramic pics of the places we visit.
5) “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
6) BIONZ Image Processor 
7) 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens : Ok no.5, no. 6 and no.7  sounds quite complicated to a dummy SAHM like me, but I'm sure they're meant to enhance the quality for the pics. So all the better!

So why do I want to win the Sony TX5?

Because I don' have a proper camera for my blogging purposes. And I so want to put more quality pictures in my blog in order to make it more interesting.

Because I've always looooveeeee Sony camera, and the TX5 would be even better because it can be used underwater, tengah hujan, dalam ribut kilat, in all kinds of weather I tell you!

Because it'll be a great treasure for a mom like me, as it's compact. Thus, I don't have to worry nak usung heavy camera on top of the diaper bag, and the little guy! THE MOST PERFECT camera for a mommy on the go.

Because I'm a desperate housewife, mana ada duit banyak ni - RM 1,499.00 - to buy the camera. Sob sob!
Because I've put my ugly picture for the whole world to see, just to prove that I need a good camera so that I can camwhore in peace and not worrying that I would look like tepung gomak in all the piccas, and thus, spoiling my blogging momentum!

Because I believe this is the longest post ever in my blog! Sakit kepala thinking what to write. It's all because penangan sebuah kamera tercanggih di abad ini!

So Incik Nuffnang, pick me as one of the winners, will you?


  1. ade vote tak? kalu ade i vote for u!

    i nak nangis tgk u ngan irfan kt waterpark tu.. dia cute sgt.. huwaaa i miss sami... (mngada kan duk umah tp hanto anak g nurseri :P)

  2. yep, thats rite! entry tanpa gambar, x complete je rasenye.. sy pun sedang usha2 nak beli kamera ni.. tp bajet kene kumpul lg la.

  3. hehehe.. skrg ni memacam kamera baru keluar kan.. bila dapat tu best sangat explore mode itu lah, mode ini lah... anyway, good luck..

  4. ely : alaaa takdak vote lah. not that i know of. hahahaha takpa satgi peluk cium sammi k.

    chugie : haaa kumpul sikit lagi pehtu rembat satu itu kamera. hiks

    ciklily : thanks!

    lady : betoi tu. new toy biasa la mesti exsaited. hiks

  5. OH GOD!!! muka i bertepung gak!! tat camera sucks big time!!!

    I hope you win the camera so that when amin takes pictures of US, we would look biiiiiiuuuuuuutipooooool ... hahahha ... nak jugak masuk forum ... =P

  6. OH GOD!!! muka i bertepung gak!! tat camera sucks big time!!!

    I hope you win the camera so that when amin takes pictures of US, we would look biiiiiiuuuuuuutipooooool ... hahahha ... nak jugak masuk forum ... =P

  7. xpa..xpa..
    kalo x menang, ada event, u panggil myhubby jadi photographer. sebab dia buah cempedak di luar pagar lg, so dia buat FOC je dulu.

    tapi kena masa kami balik penang la.kekeke

  8. bulih kut menang Bai..sepanjang baca entry nih asyik tersenyum jaa..but klu takdapat pon takpa..geng DSLR ramai kann..G11 ponn ada.. :-P ~ink wink~

    Anyway..good entry ever i guess.. :-)

  9. papakeechee : not as tepung as me!!! benci! i hope i win too. hiks

    isabelle : haaa i will keep u guys in mind! bila u balik penang? nak buat event cepat2 time tu hahaha

    imma : haaa bole bole mai ambik gambaq kami FOC kay. haha



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