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Wooooo!!!! That was the scariest ride of my life!

Last night, the big guy and I attended a farewell dinner of one of his colleague. I'm sure you would be thinking..WHAT THE?!?! FAREWELL DINNER AGAIN???

Yerp, that's exactly what these people has been saying among themselves too. It's like the hundredth farewell dinner they've had within this year. Literally.They're complaining that they've run out of place to have them already.


Since our car masuk workshop - again! - so the big guy borrowed one of the car from the owner of the workshop. He told me it was an extremely-modified ugly car. But as I've never ride in any extremely-modified car before, I didn't think anything of it. Until the moment I saw the car down at the basement. My first thought was oh no! That's the most horrific thing I've ever seen in my entire life! If I don't count my mom's old rotten BBB that is.

 While I was scrutinizing the car, an explosion sounded so close to me that my heart almost jumped out of my throat! My goodness. That's the sound of the ignition?!? You gotta be kidding me! The moment I heard the engine started, I knew it was gonna be one hell of a ride! I took a look at the interior and knew I was right about it. There were things that I've never seen before jutting from all sides of the car. This whatchamacallit, which the purpose of being is to 'elak keta dari terbalik time kona baring'! Horror ka tak horror now, you tell me?!?

The whatcamacallit thing! (roll cage whatevar!)

And the winner of the MOST UNSAFE FEATURE goes tooooooooooooooooo....*drumroll*....THE SEAT BELT! Have you ever seen anything as innovative as this before? I was horrified when the big guy told me to hook the seat belt at the handbrake stick, because the 'clipper' doesn't work! How 'convenient'.

Riding in THE car with THE big guy is another horrific thing. Just because it's an extremely modified car, he thought he should get involve with a lumba haram in the middle of the busy road. With his wife hanging on to dear life, by his side. I actually had to grab hold of the roll cage throughout our hold  journey, but nothing could settle my heart into it's place. Bikin luruh jantung gue! Thank God the little guy was at home with my mom, or else he would've shrieked in his daddy's face; "ABAHH! SLOW DOWN!". Oh he does that all the time. Even when his father was driving 20km/h. Haha!


I lost count how many times the words 'slow down' escaped my lips before the big guy finally had enough, and gave me a piece of his mind. And for that, I'm planning a 3D 2N sulking with him, or at least until he gets me some durian that I've been craving for!


On a different note, the dinner was held at Ah' Basri Satay. It's quite a nice restaurant located at D'Piazza besides Sunshine Square, Penang. There are variety type of meals provided, all satay-based and they have quite a few selection of satay ranging from chicken to frog! Haha! Kidding. Tapi macam2 lah ada.  

We only had satay with white coffee, as we have already had dinner at home. The price for satay starts from RM1.00 per cucuk.We had black pepper chicken, deer, and beef satay.  They were soft and juicy, not the best  in the whole wide world but really not bad either.


Back to the earlier story. I'm never ever gonna ride in any extremely modified car again! Big guy please take note. I would rather ride on your bike than that horrible ignition-sounding-like-an-explosion machine! You get me????


  1. dalam banyak-banyak gambar, sate yang paling menyerlah..hahahaha

  2. Woh..I pun boleh sakit jantung gitu..but men will be men. My hubby selamba rock je bwk 180 km/hr kat highway bila balik kg..dah tak larat nak suruh slow down..last2 I tido!

  3. hmmm ... nasib tak posa hari ni ... kalau tak dah terjah!!! =)

  4. hahahhaha part belt tu mmg superb!!!!! hahahahhaha.. perkataan bese dlm kete oleh i n sami ialah 'papi carefullllllll' hahahahhaha xbleh tahan la ngan kete tuh hahahahhahaha seb beik u xdek ape.. u la.. amin i tau dia ok aje.. ahhahahaha

  5. OWH No!

    part seat belt tue takley tahan ok!
    giler babe!!!
    horror ok kalau anythg happen ;p

  6. bahaya tol!! but funny as well!! klau i tak naik dh.. hahaha

  7. kancilbiru : hahahaha satay jugak yang menawan kalbumu. hiks

    applecrux : hahhh!!! 180km/hr?!? boleh u tak sakit jantung???? huhuhu

    papakeechee : takpa bila posa boleh terjah hehe

    ely : memang! sakittttttt jantung haku k. amin rileks ja, dia siap marah i "i bukan baru start driving semalam k. bole tak u dok diam sat?". huwaaaaaaa!!! sob sob sob!

    verde : memang horror k!

    zulaikaha : tu lah i dah naik half way memang nyesal. hahaha

  8. i wish i could ride that kind of car one xnak org lain yg drive, i nak drive snediri hehehe

  9. apa letak entry mknn ni wei...
    aku lapaaaqqqq...

    hehe.lps that scary ride tu pun, masih selera mkn satay, kira ok la tu

  10. i always speed up to 180km/h myself before finally kene tahan dgn bapak

    skrg ni slow down sket dah..dah tua kihkihkih.

    btw, seatbelt not functioning in an extremely modified car is damn dangerous! akak, promise me never ride on tht car agin ok. :)

  11. being a wife to a husband yg gile drift i know how u feel...cite kak bai tu tak cukup scary lagi kak bai..husband kite penah bawak kite g genting sambil dia menunjukkan skil mendrift...dalam kete kite mengucap je..siap boleh bau getah tayar terbakar hasil geselan tayar kereta ngan jalan tar...sampai kat atas, dia buat skil donut plak (for those tak tau, sila lah tgk kat youtube cemne skil donut dalam drift kete)abes skil dia ckp plak "ygg selalu tanya kan drift camne..haa, skrg dah tau blum?'hahaha
    n fyi, normally seatbelt untuk kete yg modified enjin untuk bwk dibawa laju ni memang cam gini pun, main sangkut kat handbreak je...senang nak berlakon kalu ada bapak polisi...hehehe
    speed up to 200 km/h is slow for him..

  12. yatie : wahhh! seriously!!!! minah drift ek u nih haha

    isabelle : selera makan tatapppp ada k! hahaha

    fidde : haish! 180km/h???!sakit jantung haku dengaq!hahaha

    kish : wahhhh! nih dah ada baby takleh la bawak laju2 first! hehe



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