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Sejak bilakah saya evolved menjadi begini?

My BFF called me sometime last week for a chit-chat. She's currently undergoing her 7 months course in INTAN. Well, to cut story short, she remarked on my domesticity-ness, which mostly she read through the blog.

Of course, back when we were in school, I never would have thought that I would enjoy being a housewife. I was more attracted to the working life as my mom was a working mom too, a banker she was. I wanted to have my own money to splurge and to wear pretty clothes and not smell of chicken all the time. Literally, I mean. 

But as the marriage progress, I made up my mind on what's best for me and the family. And so decided to be a SAHM, at least for now. I don't know what would happen in the future, but as for now, even as a SAHM I could still earn money and splurge on myself once in a while. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, what she was really commenting was how psyched I get over furniture, Corelle and such. Yeah, I'm such a domestic goddess I know! Haha!

Which reminds me, I'm still sulking with the big guy. That's because last night when I was really, really craving for apple crumble, he refused to buy the thing I needed to make it. Oh, he wouldn't mind buying the ingredients and all, but he refused to buy the bakeware I needed to bake them!

How can I bake apple crumble without the bakeware, now you tell me!?

Anyway, the big guy mentioned that if I want it, I'm just gonna have to wait until we set foot in Langkawi again. WHEN WHEN WHEN IS THAT?!?!? I want to make apple crumble, like...NOW! Why can't we just buy them at Tesco?

But oh, I do have a few things on my list to grab if we ever set foot in Langkawi again.

1) Some Pyrex bakeware.
2) Visions to replace my old one which has been destroyed during an explosion. Refer here.
3) Loose Corelle plates to add to my collection.
4)  My beloved RM10 teko kopi, which story I shall narrate later for you guys to sympathize me with.
5-10) Shall add more to the list later. Hahaha!

OMG! Looking at the list above, I have to admit, I'm truly a domestic goddess! Very makcik-makcik indeed!!


  1. hai...dh add ur blog...if interested leh follow blog sy gak...thanx...=)

  2. alooo sj lah tuh bg crumble tuh leh buat dlm aluminium foil hahahahahaha...en amin take note....hahahahaa

  3. zack : thanks for adding. will add urs alter insyaAllah ;-)

    watie : ok saya adalah sangat tempted nak delete komen ni. hahahahaha. harap amin tak baca kalau tak kena google keburukan aluminium foil compare to pyrex. hahahahhaa

  4. hihihi.... standard la tu...

    eyh, i notice kat langkawi skang harga pinggan mangkuk dia dah cam mahal la... tak mcm dulu tau... bila i compare sama jek harga dia kt kl nih...

    well, itu yg i rasa la.. tak tau la if u dpt yg mmg murah... blhlah share dgn i camtuh..hikhik...

  5. I've heard that Correlle, corningware etc are so much cheaper in langkawi ke? I pun suka but the thing is, kat rumah I masih berkotak-kotak lagi orang kasi time housewarming, I masih belum pakai coz berat & sayang pulak nak bukak, so pakai yg cap ayam punya periuk..hahaha

  6. sonoknyerr nak gi langkawi tewww.. uhuhu

  7. waaa.. nak pegi langkawi ke... saya kalau g langkawi.. tengok coklat je.. lain takde.hehehehhe

  8. you list is same like makcik2 too,plates,furnitures made me drool, seronok pi langkawi tengok pinggan,dulang and all the knick knacks..dah beli display kat sini yer..the apple crumble too:)SAHM so syiokk..if possible i pun nak:)

  9. cokelat jangan lupa!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daim especially!!!!

  10. Bai..ada member tgh amik order sapa2 nak pesan Corningware..tahun depan sebelum raya dia nak balik dari Scotland..

  11. eh..penang langkawi dokat jo...

  12. dolu2 mmg tak berapa kisah pun urusan seri paduka makcik-makcik bl da bertambah "muda" ni minat la plak....hehehe

  13. fiza : yaka???? yang i noticed loose pinggan kat sana about rm20 ++ tapi kat jusco i tengok RM50. the rest i tak sure plak tapi still cheaper la sikit.

    shopaholic mama : u dapat corningware for housewarming???bestnyaaaaaa!!! i dapat periuk cap ayam ja hahahaha

    en_me : seronok kalau pegi lah hehe

    echa : cekelat kat langkawi best gak ;-)

    mamatiamia : kannnnnnnnn!!! tah bila la nak beli :-(

    dr. singa : Daim is my favourite too! kalau makan sehari habis sekotak, bole dapat kencing manis tu!

    imma : corningware dah ada takmau, pyrex ngn corelle ja nak. hehehe

    mommyct : itulah..cuma taktau bila nak sampai lagi ;-)

    sz mass : kannnnn! samalah kita :-)

  14. hehe tengok list u teringat kat my mom.. i dok suruh dia pi holiday ke langkawi and relax2 kat sana, dia dok terbayang pinggan mangkuk pulak.. hehehe

  15. haa!! your Vision totally destroyed??? i tot it was indestructible??? then should be replaced la kan ... heheh ... go langkawi goooooooo!!! ... ^_^

  16. i nak p langkawi end of this mth- lawat budak praktikal. tapi reti ke i nak tgkkan ur taste?
    btw, u kena start kumpul duit la... mana tau tiba2 amin ajak pi langkawi.

  17. sejak bilakah evolve ye? hmmp.. i think marriage does give a really HUGE impact on ones life. :p



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