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Minum bola, tidoq bola, makan nasi dalca!!!

I don't know how to start this post with a canggih-manggih sentence. Because this post is gonna be very cliche for this month.

Bak kata Isabelle, every blog would have at least one post about the world-class happening. Of course, even a football-hater someone who has no passion for football like me can't run from it. Hehe.

Because the whole world are getting psyched about it. The most talk-about event during this month. As my husband put it, he gotta watch THE World Cup as the topic of conversation among the guys would revolve around it for the whole month!

Ok, so nak tak nak, wives just gotta bear with their husbands for this period of time. Spending time alone in bed is definitely wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than having them watching it in the bedroom. Oh, I'm sure you know the ruckus they'd create amidst the peaceful nights! Unless if you're the most attentive wives who would support their husband in his every single passions, then you better be thankful that they let you have peaceful nights in the bedroom. Hahaha!

Anyway, I got to enjoy the tempias from the demam bola during last weekend at my mom's. The big guy was out with his friends watching the game at mamak I still can't believe that I was the one suggesting it to him. But the house were far from being quite as the brothers were around, and the cousins came to lepak for a dose of football.

Football experience was given a touch of excitement for me with this phrase "Minum bola, tidoq bola, MAKAN NASI DALCA!!!" Weeeeeeee!!!!

This is the time when you get to enjoy eating sinful food in the middle on the night without having to feel guilty about it at all! It's a month full of celebration for the guys, so why don't we ladies just go with the flow, and enjoy it while we can!!

Tudiaaaaaaaaaaaa...pulunnnnn!!! Mata tatap kat TV! Hehe

I hope there will be more nasik dalca next week! Perhaps we can invite them over to the house, tengok World Cup kat plasma la wehhh! Baru best skiiit!!! Hehehe.


  1. sedapnya makan ramai2 :)

  2. Tang makan-makan tu amatlah Abang Aa berkenan di hati but tang tengok bola u err... not so much but tetiba the girls kat rumah ni ribut2 dengan Messi.

  3. bai,
    tang mana beli nasi dalca tu?hjg bulan ni i nak balik..kena cari nih.
    btw, my hubby tengok bola dlm bedroom, tapi mute the volume.hahaha.maka tiada gangguan la. berhati perut kan?

  4. elissmie : definitely! hehe

    mior : abang a'a...dah comei tahap gaban macam tu, haruslah menjadi idaman anak-anak dara dan juga mak dara. ekekekekkeke

    isabelle : KASIM MUSTAPHA!!! tapi wajiiiibbb ambik sambal nyioq k. kalau takdak tak sedap. *drool*

    haaa hubby u sangat berhati perut weh! hiks

  5. hhahahaa....DM, bg can aaaa kan...4 tahun sekali...kikiki

  6. hehe mujur suami i tak minat hehe..

  7. sz mass : tu lah pasai.nasib 4 tahun sekali, kasik chance lah..kalau 365 hari setiap tahun, mau bini lari balik rumah mak. ekekekke

    lady : ur the lucky ones! hiks. my hub pun taklah minat snagat...tengok gitu2 jugak la

  8. sib baik tak tersuap ke hidung !!!

  9. i memilih untuk tidok di dalam bilik yg sejuk dan nyaman smabil memekap bantal di telinga..hahahah..sehingga dikejut untuk
    "mai secawan," hahaha..

  10. hahaha... naseb baik la my hubby tgk kat umah jek.. layan je la sorang diri sambil dikacau oleh arsyad.. hahaha.. :D

  11. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only reason to watch the world cup. lol

  12. best bila mkn berjemaah hubby i xmnt bola.

  13. sy xminat bola...asben sy tgk kat luar sy kat dlm bilik surf tenet..nasib ada tenet xdelah rase hangin semacam jer saya..he he he

  14. hahah ... another good way to bond also ma ... good food with good sport ... ali is compensating his absence by buying me durians and ice cream so I wont bising sgt when I come home and see him glued to the tv ja ... the only way he knows I would join him to watch bola as well ... heeeee!!!

  15. best gila dapat makan ramai-ramai tu...bola punya pasal...

  16. zulaikha : ok gak tu ada peneman dia tengok bola. :-)

    annah : hahahaha...good excuse!

    ummi salsabila : haaa takpa tak minat bola takpa, kalau ada makan2 join ja! hiks

    hanim : haaaaaaaaaa betul betul betul. hiks

    papakeechee : durians!!! i haven't taste it during this musim, tengah crave ni tapi ada roang taknak beli. sob sob sob! nanti ali beli pass sini sikit please!

    kancilbiru : memang best!!

  17. dr singa : haaa tu lah...sikit lagi nak tersasar tu. hiks

    shaferlicious : sama ngn i! hehehe. mai secawan? adakah itu little C bangun untuk sebotol susu? hahahahahha

  18. i plak on the other hand suke bola.. especially world cup mmg ditunggu2.. saat jerit gol utk team pilihan..amatlaa best rsnye.. :)

    sedapnyee mkn ramai2.. kat mana nak dpt tu? nampak sedap.. skrg dh terliur dh ni.. hr tu blk penang, ada gak niat di hati nk jumpa u.. tp byk tul agenda.. tak sempat.. lain kali gi penang, nak meet u up laa.. :)



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