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Some wars are inevitable

This post would be filled with complains, and not suitable for cheery, positive-minded people; because the bad aura might rub off on you. ;-)

Anyway, some wars are inevitable XOXO Gossip Girl  I said?What war?? Well you see, I was at war with myself the whole day yesterday. The war between good and evil. Between patience and temper. Between being nice and being mean. Unfortunately, I let the bad guy won the war!

Let's see how it went...

Yesterday did not start well for me. Upon waking up I felt like making Egg Mayo sandwich, so I boiled some eggs and proceeded to do my transcribing job. It was due that night, midnight. And I still had so much to do.

After almost an hour being engrossed in the transcribing, suddenly I heard an explosion coming from the kitchen! It was a thunderous popping sound KABABAOOOMMMMM!!!! that I was afraid to check what it was. Haaa lah! Takut terrorist mai serang ka hapa kan, dok dalam bilik macam selamat sikit. Haha! But then, I remembered...THE EGGS! Omg omg! I forgot to turn off the stove and the eggs have  exploded!!!

I quickly speed to the kitchen and turn off the stove. But the eggs could not be salvaged anymore, thus both the little guy and I had to make do with a peanut butter sandwich instead. And I did so grudgingly!

Remnants of the exploded egg

The best part is, the whole house smell like a skunk for a couple of hours after the explosion!

Come afternoon, I started boiling the meat to cook dinner. During the whole time, I was having a hard time concentrating on the transcribing job. The job needs total concentration and silence. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear what the guys in the video were saying amidst the noises created by the little guy. He was shrieking and shouting and oh-talking-so-much. You see, at other times I would love hearing him talking nonsense. Like this morning he woke up and saw me turning on the switch of the rice cooker to heat up last night leftover rice. He sang in his sing-song voice "Ohh nasiii gorennng!". Hahaha! Whoever taught him that!! I thought that was cute, really! But yesterday, nothing that came out of that little mouth sounded anywhere near cute. It was all just simply irritating!


In the end I did lost my head with the little guy for a couple of times yesterday and I'm not proud of it. Nowadays, I barely shout at him or beat him. But yesterday I screamed at him and spank him on the butt because I was too furious that I didn't get to complete my work in time!

To make matters worse, the big guy called telling he would be late because there's a farewell dinner with the management team. All the way at Padang Kota. I was like : Not farewell dinner again! Not when I needed him to take care of the little guy in order for me to do my work!

I already cooked dinner plak tu!

On top of everything, I had a very serious case of cold too!

  Oh itu adalah gambar tissue penuh slime ewwww ewwwww!! Sebagai bahan bukti. Haha!

I had a very very bad, bad day yesterday, that when the big guy came home at almost 12am, I was not in the mood to greet him. What's more talk to him.

All I wanted to do was just finish the whole transcribing and go to bed! My body ache, my head felt like exploding, but worst of all, I was already on the verge of losing my temper with everyone and everything!

How do you handle your bad days?!?


  1. omg! omg! the egg really explode!!!! sgt bahaya okeh...
    jgnlah marah2 darling... i kalo tengah marah, i bagi jek keluar semua dulu, lepas tu barulah boleh cool.. hehe...

  2. Cause you had a bad day
    You're taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around
    You say you don't know
    You tell me don't lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride

    dok terngiang2 lagu ni

  3. ya allah seb beik xjadik ape kt both of u.. seb beik mangsanye hanya telor..

    bese i handle my bad days kan (tak sihat ok jgn ikut), i mkn then i baring2 aje jadik potato couch. sungguh tak sesuai patutnye semayang ke ngaji ke.. zzzzz

    hope today hepi day plak la.. i selalu nk post entry psl ape yg i buat time i jaga sami (time i temper or too tired, yg i xproud of it & mnyesal).. most mothers buat gitu cuma tak nak ngaku sbb xmo org judge kite kan? btw i paham hahhahahaha

  4. ishh.. takutnya.. mujur takde pape kan.. tapi sangat rajin memasak kan.. nampak sedap je gulai tu..

  5. oiiii...abih periuk vision tuuuuu!!! hahahah...ganas tul bila mommy temper ye...wakakaka...bahya bahya

  6. uwa....takutnya....sampai rentung..hehehe..

    bad days? biarkan ia berlalu begitu saja...sebab esok, lusa dan seterusnya kita takkan melaluinya lagi...jangan tensi2..

  7. uish uish, sabaq kak, sabaq~ hoho. bahaya jugak eh nak rebus telur pun boleh meletup. tak pernah tahu pun sebenarnya kalau rebus telur pastu tinggal lama2 boleh meletup. aicch, loser betul saya ni. hoho.

    saya kalau marah tak tahu lah kenapa, susah betul nak lepaskan. selalu simpan dalam hati sorang2, bila dah tak tahan sgt marah tu, terus lari masuk bilik air lepas tu hujan~ teehee. loser habis lah. hoho.

  8. geez woman, I am starting to feel grumpy just reading about it.. LOL

    Chill sista

  9. fiza : haaa tu lah yang keluar semua tu. kesian irfan jadi mangsa. kena make it up to him la nih. hiks

    isabelle : u sure cheer me up with that song gal!

    ely : i tau u sure faham i! hiks. haaaaaaaaaa i akan jadik potato couch gak tapi the next day after the bad day. like today. amin balik tak masak lagi. tension ja dia. ekekekekkeeke

    echa :bukan rajin. terpaksa. hahaahaha

    sz mass : tu lah nak dekat kot ni. tu yang nak bad mood tetiba hiks

    mommy ct : my thought exactly! habis hitam vision akuuuuu! hahaha

    kancil biru : haaaa betul. happier i am, today. ;-)

    cinta madu : mana la tka meletop. air semua dah kering. sampai hangit telur tu dikerjakan. huhuhuhu.

    ahhh, 'hujan' masa shower. i do that too! hahaha

    superheroes mom : hahaha kannnnn!

  10. ya ampun kesian u.. i can imgine...
    i pun kadang2 jadi camtu, when theres soooo much things to do.. dengan nak cepat, masa tu lah benda cari hilang, itu tumpah, ini tumpah, sana jatuh...
    but no worries benda macam ni sekali sekala je jadi kan.. btw, sedap nampak itu daging salai masak lemak kan..

  11. jadi wahm memang lebih mencabar nampaknye..kalau i jadi u pon meletop jugak.

  12. Pssst...
    periuk dah hitam akibat explosion..
    alasan baik untuk ke Langkawi!!

  13. the eggs drama was scary la ... meletup like tat ... thanks goodness u used a high quality cookingwear kan!! hehehe ....

    btw ur masak lemak looks yummy frummy la ... sluurrppp!!! I think I wanna go get myself something masak lemak to berbuka today .... weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^_^

  14. wau bai...naseb tk aper2 yeh..lucky not the pot exploded..huhuhuh

    sometime do take a break laa dear...turun bawah g beli nasik lemak jap ker...huhuhu



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