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Makan sedap di DOME sambil mengurat CHLOE!

Being married to the big guy is one of the greatest blessings of my life. Though we're not rich, but I'm very contend with what he provides for me, as he always put the little guy's and my needs before his. It's always about us and seldom about him.

So the first thing that I wanted to do once I get the money is to treat him to good food! But the thing with the big guy is when it's eating out time, he really can't make up his mind. He would strike out all the places I suggest, and when I asked him to suggest a place instead, he would throw me a blank look and pass the ball back to me. So last night, the same thing happened :

TGI? : Nooo! Tak sedap!
Secret Recipe? : Noooo! Boy (a friend who used to work at SR) said depa pengotoq!
PHOP (Paddington House of Pancake)? : Asyik-asyik makan situ!
McD?!? : Gave me a look of disgust!
KFC?!? : Buat muka "cheapskatenya bini aku!"

But when the wife asked "So what do you want to eat?" he replied "I don't know, it's your call!". HAISH! Camana lah bini tak hangin!

So because we can't decide on a place, we just went to the mall and wandered around aimlessly until I finally put my finger on Secret Recipe no matter what. That's because I've been craving for Apple Crumble for so long! BUT.. Oh wait! There's the Austin Chase, we've never tried eating there before but then  again, it didn't get such good review from MamaEesya. Spaghetti masham katanya. So let's stick to something we're familiar with.

Oh lookie! There's DOME. It's been ages since we last step foot in there, so tunggu apa lagi? Jom sapedek!!

The moment we were seated, the big guy dramatically requested : "Can you please pass me the CHLOE?".  Sudah! nak ngorat pompuan mat salleh mana pulak nih? I was like "What the..???!!" and so he pointed to the row of magazines behind me. Hello pakcik! That's CLEO ok.  Like duhhhhh! Hahaha! Then as he was flipping through the magazines, he suddenly exclaimed excitedly "Haaaa!!! Look! It says here that you should wash your hair with COLD not warm water". He said this with eyes gleaming because now he found a reason to save on water heater electricity bill. Hahaha! Pi mana pun tetap lah cheapskate tau mamat nih.


Moving on to the little guy's story. The moment my yummylicious Honeycomb arrived, he was sooo excited looking at the "biscotti' that he finished them all in the blink of an eye! Nasib abah and mama sempat rasa seketoi kalau tak today we have to go eat there again! Haha! But the funny thing is, as he has been scolded countless of times  trained by his dad not to drink ice, he totally refused to drink the ice blended when I offered it to him. He was like "NOOOOOOOO!!! TAKMAU TAKMAU TAKMAU!NOOOO!!!" while trying to get away from me. If you  saw him at that time you would think I was trying to feed him his medicine. or something But the moment the big guy nodded his approval to the little guy saying "It's ok, you can drink it this time", terus dia slurp sampai licin! Hahaha!

The food was really nice. But the thing with DOME is, their portion is always a little too big for me. Even the big guy was full after a plateful of beef steak, and so we had to tapau back the fish n chips as it was barely touched by the little guy. It was a nice dinner anyway, made more interesting when the bill was presented to the big guy and he told the waiter "Oh bagi kat dia bang, hari ni dia big boss!". Hahahaha!

So lepas ni, hopefully ada rezeki untuk makan sedap lagi!


  1. belum pernah menerai DOME...papadom selalu makan...heheeh

  2. sedapnya makanan2 tu..xpernah jgk try mkn kat DOME...mesti perasaan rase mcm puaskan sebab belanja asben guna duit sendiri..Alahmdulillah murah rezeki u kan..InsyaAllah adelah rezeki yg lain plak..

  3. awwwwww so sweet!!! and makanan nampak sodap sodap sahaja! hehehhe ...

  4. hahaha.. nice choice bai! dome is much much much and again much.. berapa much daa? better than that 'kejar si austin' hahaha.. bangga jap my review did influenced u not to eat there.. hahahaha..

  5. nice of u to treat 'em.
    i drooled over the 1st drink in the pic.slurrpp

    weh...austin chase tu ada mknn ke? i selalu ngopi je situ.xperasan lak..hehe

  6. kancilbiru : alamak! lama tak makan papadom! sat nak pi kedai runcit pi beli! hehe

    nadye : sangat sedap!

    hanim : alhamdulillah. memang seronok belanja hubby makan. :-) i aminkan doa you! Ameen! :-)

    papakeechee : goreng pun sodappp!

    are_shie : hahahha nasib lah baca review u. kalau tak dah makan spaghetti masam dah. hahaha

    isabelle : haaa ngopi kat Austin Chase kata nya sedap. yang lain2 tu tak sedap. hiks

  7. hahaha!!! makan is always the best way to celebrate good moments! huuu~

  8. CHLOE!! kelakar la bai LOL!! at first i read the title aku ingat wow, ada kedai Chloe dah ke kat penang? cleo rupanya. yg ayat cuci rambut tu ayat jujur ke atau coverline terus buat2 baca majalah? haha

  9. nyum2~ dh lame tak mkn2 di dome.. :D

  10. coppp....
    psssst....malu nak tanya ni....
    (shapedek tu apa...)
    hehehehe...*gelak mengong*

  11. ahahhaaa..camne blh jadik CLOE tu pakcik? ihikss....

  12. kak ct : memang sedap!

    kayla : hahaha aku rasa coverline kot. ekekekke

    zulaikha : nyum nyum! cepat gi makan! hiks

    dr.singa : sapedek tu makan in bahasa tamil ku yang songsang. haha.

    sz mss : maklumlah pakcik tak pernah baca cleo. hahaha

  13. hahahaha... gelak baca pasal memilih nak makan kat mana tuu... sama jer script macam kitorang... "i tak kisah" tapi bila kita bagi suggestions sumer kena reject.

  14. teringin pulak kita nak makan kat dome ni..

  15. aizura : kannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! hehehee

    teachernunu : oh cepat gi makan! :-D

  16. yum yum Dome,my favourite spicy spaghetti,masa pregant hampir tiap hari tercongok kat situ,kadang2 ada kawan teman,tapi bila tiap hari orang pun tak larat ha,ha, cute your boy,tak nak minum ice sebab papa tak bagi:)

  17. saya penah minum honeycomb ice blended tu.. mmg heaven. Menu2 lain tu mmg sangat sedap yer? kalah TGIF bagai?

  18. Omg I totally agree with ur friend,austin chase is a lousy place to go.there was only 1 table to serve but service lambat then we thought the food must be well preparedlah kan considering the time they took but then spaghety bolognese jadi macam spaghety soup and masam.the drink was blegh.I think they could do better if they hire others than the rempit clans(no offense) who has got no decent manner to serve ppl.hehe but have u tried harvest inn? Its a very nice place and veryyy affordable.its near jemputree. Eh by the way I'm a newcomer here oh and ur blog is addictive!hehe :)

  19. my last time banjer hubby was at TGIF, it was last month kot..but he's not so happy wif the menu...yet he said..lg sedap mkn steak kat sg buloh tu...ekekekek
    but ur order look so tempting la...nak ajak hubby g dome lah ! :)



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