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Kisah seorang pemain bola sepak terlampau

Sports is seriously not my thing. I remember I used to skip P.E's lessons in school by giving lots of stupid excuses to P.E teacher. Tak suka lah busuk-busuk peluh ok! I also remember that during sukan tara in secondary school, I was the second last to arrive at the finishing line for acara jalan kaki (or something like that). That despite my dad continued cheering me all the way, as he arrived a little bit too early to pick me up from school. And oh, the last person behind me had a heart problem, so of course she got a concrete reason to arrive last. Haha!

So, you can only imagine my excitement when The World Cup is finally here. I was thinking "Oh gosh! Hours and hours of grown up men kicking balls here and there. My life will be over soon!er than expected". Thank heaven we don't have Astro at home! So whenever the big guy watches The World Cup on TV1, I would be watching other channel in our bedroom.

Anyway, just recently after countless of times being sogok with the Messi ads on TV,  my teenage hormone started to rage! I suddenly developed a certain fondness for him. Very strong! Huwaaa. Boleh tahan comeiiii jugak si Messi ni kan! Look at those hair. And THE smile! I can't remember seeing any guys on earth having as sweet a smile as his. Oh except for the little guy 's of course. Ah, and the big guy's too. terpaksa cakap kalau tak nanti dia takmau bayaq handbag Coach beli that day.

If any brilliant movie producer would hire Messie to be in his movie, you can be rest assured that I would be the first in line to queue for the ticket. Not AMONG the first ok, but THE FIRST!

All images are of course googled!

Now I'm extremely pissed off with the mamak jahat for chopping off the little guy's hair last time! If not, I would have been able to dress him up in the Argentina's jersey sambil feeling-feeling dalam rumah I ada Lionel Messi! but haruslah lumur Fair N Lovely satu badan si kenit nih
My bro got this jersey from the Feringgi Night Market. Apani?! Tak sama pun macam Messi punya! Muhammad H****fah Idris, I demand the stripe jersey for Irfan please!


  1. (chuckles)sapa yg 'terlampau' ni? hahaha
    sampai sanggup be the FIRST!

    my soccer idol has always been Zidane, thou I dont watch soccer but I remembered that time, I was in labour but the World Cup was on & shown in the delivery suite & there he was, kicking & playing & scoring! I was in pain with contractions but the hubby & gynae were glued to the tv! Tulah I baru tau, thats Zidane rupanya. I think France won that year kan?

  2. aku memang tak minat bola tapi kalo my hubby tengok aku layan ajer.sebab rasa nak menendang ajer bila diorang tak gol, aku plak hover :P

  3. chumelll la little guy berjersey biru itu!

  4. weahaha bai, ur 1st paragraph tu sungguh menggambarkan yg u ulat buku & tak soka bab2 sport ni sumer kan hhihi
    messi mmg cute, tapi certain time nampak 'messy' mcm baru bgn tido hihihi jgn marah ye diehardfan :D

  5. ahahhaa.. now sbb messi terus minat tgk bola ye.. :P bluek!
    tp i mmg sokong argentina, team pilihan adalah Brazil & Argentina.. so nnti bile Argentina main, kite jerit sama2 kuat okeh? walaupun jauh.. hahhaa..

    ur messi-wanna-be pun cute..! :D

  6. i realize laku betul pakcik messi tu WC kali ni.
    tapi rasanya irfan lagi terer kot

  7. hahahah teenage hormone tul hahahahha

    my idol will alwiz mr giggs. i penah came across nama baby mohamad ryan giggs.. fuiyooh his dad musti hardcore punye minat hahaha. btw giggs tu player otai utk EPL club - manchester united (tpaksa eja penuh kang shortform u xtau hihihi)

  8. i sgt la tak follow pasal sports ni - nasib tau tgh WC sebab sana sini tv ads ada bola :)

  9. kita baaaaaru balik dari Feringgi semalam....
    antie pun cari yang macam messi la...
    tak jumpa la...

  10. I have Argentina jersey (jgn jeles) tp tenggelam la Irfan klau dia pinjam =p



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