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I am one heart broken mama

Following this comment from the Kwik Cut, I was filled with motivation to cut Irfan's hair again. I know that he just had a haircut recently, but I swear the little guy's hair grows back in a blink of an eye!

KWIK said... Terima kasih banyak2 kepada semua yang menyokong KWIK CUT. Pihak kami sangat gembira dan kami akan berikan service yang terbaik untuk anda semua, Jika ada apa apa masalah, anda boleh email atau telefon HQ kami, and customer hotline : 03 9200 6703. Sekian dan kami berharap anda sekalian terus menyokong all 25 outlets in Malaysia.

But husband being husband, he refused to spend more that he deem necessary for a haircut. So off to mamak we went. Truth be told, I already had a bad feeling before we entered the old, moldy shop by the roadside. I guess Irfan felt the bad aura too as the moment he saw the shop, he shrieked "Takmau cut hairrrr!" while trying to climb back into the car.

The husband scooped the boy into his arm and brought him in. Once inside, they were talking in their own language "Arugerek arugerek!" but I had a hunch that hubby was telling the stone-faced anne to cut the little guy's hair short! So I MADE IT CLEAR to the anne NOT TO CUT IT TOO SHORT, OR ELSE! But he maintained the stone face and acted like he heard nothing. Now that really made my blood go upstairs like nobody's business! But since there were many anne around, I controlled the anger well save for a few killer glances, so as not to embarrassed MY anne among the other annes.

But the anne went over board by chopping off all the glorious hair on the top of the little guy's head until there was no more to be seen! Well,  ok tipu! But it was cut too short that you can now see clearly the 2 pusar he got on top of that pretty head!

The cause of my heart ache

I don't care if he looks more boyish whatsoever with this hair cut! It really irks me that I won't get to play with my son's Vidal Sassoon hair at bedtime anymore! How am I supposed to go to sleep then?!?!?!?

I knew it the moment I stepped foot into that shop, that those 2 mamak were out there to get me! NO MORE MAMAK AFTER THISSSS!!!


  1. Still comel lagi tu...
    tp mmg nampak pendek sikit lah.
    xpe, it will grow. another week dah okey...

  2. but..the photo really cleaver le ur boy pandai buat memek muka camtu hahahahaahah hubby lak sangat fussy pasal rambut anak...tak bole sbarang org cut his slalunya dia yg sdaya upaya cut sndiri anak dia punya rambut heheheheh

  3. aiyoyo sian irfan..btw, baby SN pun ada 2 pusar gak

  4. ni nak ban kedai nasi kandar sekali ka, kedai gunting mamak ja?
    xpa la, i tgk still okay. sometimes, it's ok for them to have a different haircut kan?
    p/s: *masuk jarum*
    apa lagi? ni la masa nak sulk & demand something from amin.hehe

  5. ella : hehe, tak sabar la tunggu grow. :-(

    sisdee : haa dia kan anak drama mama hahahahaha. wahh bagus ur hubb. irfan ni takleh dok diam kalau potong rambut nangis ja keja. so potong kat kedai la jawabnya

    yatie : haaa yaka? samalh anak kita! hiks

    isabelle : haruslah sulk kannnn!!!! hahahaha

  6. alamak.. yg that day sebelum ni ok lagi... takpe2.. nanti panjang balik... i pegi kwik cut pun pastu balik cam "kenapa rambut ko camni eesya?" hahahhaa...

  7. hahhahaa cute gile irfan buat muka cemek cenggitu! takpe irfan takpe, still hensem ok. wait for a week rasanya rambut dah panjang balik sikit. senyum k :)



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