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Beaded blouses at Penang Indian Festival

I'm a big fan of bling bing dresses and blouses. Because I'm not an accessory girl, so I feel that  bling-bling outfits would cover my lack of jeweleries. 

So last weekend my biras told me that there's a 'Penang International Indian Festival ' going on in Penang Times Square. I took the opportunity to scout around for something that might suits me. There were lots of beaded blouses, punjabi suits, beaded shoes, beaded bags and Indian accessories selling here. Not only that, but you can also find table cloth (the Dubai kind that used to be famous once upon a time), and other household items like cushion cover, table runner etc.

I didn't spend too much time in here though as the place was crowded with people. Pening! However, I managed to get 2 blouses that looks almost like the kind of blouses that you would get at Jusco, save for the bling bling at the neckline. Selling at RM15 per blouse, they're really dirt cheap! I would've got myself ten of it if not because we had limited time to spend here. Also for the fact that it's not so easy to find the blouses that fits my requirement : ones that doesn't look too Indian. And the big guy requirements : no sleeveless even though worn with inner, no thin material even with inner, no this no that!! Arghhh! He had too much requirements that if I were to list them all here, it would take one whole day for you to finish reading them!

Anyway, if you live in Penang and love all those beaded Indian outfits, head off to Berjaya Times Square now! The festival is ongoing until the 13th June 2010, 12pm-10pm daily.


  1. cantik jugak yer..tapi sy ni jenis pemalas nak basuh material macam ni...hehehe

  2. i penah ckp kat papi bila dia xkasik i pakai bikini 'u nih xsporting la..' patu papi jawab.. 'i dah cukup sporting la nih.. i tunggu la u nak pakai tudung..' alamak.. :P

    good deal lah! if i kat sana sure i rembat gak!

  3. What? that cheap meh?
    xsabar nak balik penang.

  4. jualan ni smpai bila Kak Baizurah?

  5. cantik.. dan murah jugak ye.

  6. niceee! (yg penting murah pliss) berbaloi ;)

  7. i suka jugak pakai dengan jeans lawa kan nampak sopan gitu esp kalau nak balik kampung ehehe... tapi jauh bebenor nak ke penang..

  8. kancilbiru. ahhh material cotton tapi nipis so kena handwash lah. hiks

    ely : hahahaha papi lawak lah. dahsyattt you pakai bikini gitu!hahaha

    isabelle : balik cepat balik!bole tambah collection dalam wardrobe since they're darn cheap!

    cahaya pencinta : 13th june dear. :-)

    chugie : yerp! tu yang saya suka hehe

    pinkerton : definitely!! yang penting muraaaaaahhhhhh hahahaha

    lady : yeah. it looks nice with jeans. :-) mai la holiday penang this week. hiks



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