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When he starts being a paparazzi

I guess it's because he has seen me do it on countless occasions, thus he starts to copycat the behaviour.

Irfan now is a vain pot who LOVESSSSSS to take his own pics. He would pose, say smileeee to himself and starts clicking away!  Sometimes when I check the phone, tah apa2 gambar in it, pics of the carpets lah, celings lah and a lotttt of his pics with me in the background picking my nose.
Lobang idung mu tataaapppp menjadi poooojaan hatiku!

But the best of all is when he started taking pics of my completed diaper cake! Hahahaha! Boleh take over business mama nih!
A little bit more improvement, and he can be a professional wedding photographer, now can he?


  1. budak budak sekarang pun suka posing kan?? hehehehe.. ada talent nak jadi photographer tu...

  2. i have a niece who takes her own pics and send them to her aunts & uncles..and she's not even 4.y.o yet!kids these days..

  3. hehe not bad lah kan mana tau besar nanti jadi pro...keep it up boy...

  4. ni paparazzi unik ni sbb ambil gmbr diri sendiri :D

  5. there goes the business of other pro photographers. hehe.
    adam once took lotsa pix of his knee, tapi bila tengok balik, dia ckp "eee..bontot." sebab nmpk mcm bontot. hahaha

  6. psstttt... mak irfan pun suka ambik gambar sendiri ya??!!

  7. echa : itulah pasal. suka benor posing budak2 sekarang ni kan. hiks

    nay : hamboi ur niece! siap send to aunties and uncles tu tak tahan. hahahhaha

    lady : ameen! :-D

    nadiah : yerp paparazzi utk diri sendiri ;-)

    isabelle : ekekekke...sometimes irfan camtu gak...ambik gambar body parts then i dok confuse tgk which body part it is. hahaha

    yatie chomeyl : haaa hopefully. bole ambik gambar mak dia abnyak2 haha

    dr. singa : yaa betulllll!!!!! hahahahhaa

    ct_as: hehehehe

    the zonan factor : yerp he does, tonight we go kwik cut k abah. ;-)

  8. hahaha, ada talent ni! go go irfan! ;)



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