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The diaper cake biz

I love doing things that are related to art and craft. That's the reason why I opted to get involve in the diaper cake business.

However, I have to admit that my creative juice doesn't flow smoothly at all time. Sometimes I get stuck at a certain level and would be having a hell of a time to complete even just an order. Other times, like today, I'd do so well that I could complete multiple orders just within a couple of hours. Kacang wa cakap luuu! Hehe.

I love 'baking' these. And glad that finally I'm doing something that I enjoy doing. I hope to be able to expand the biz, get more customers, good support from all over Malaysia, and of course, most importantly to improve on the products offered, insyaAllah. Thanks to all family members and friends who has been supporting me all these while. You guys rocks!!

Tapi kan, I ada satu kemusykilan lah. Why is it that 99% of the orders I got are all for baby boys? Apa orang kat Malaysia ni dah tak produce anak pompuan dah kaa??? Heeeee!


  1. hehehe... i kalau ditakdirkan dapat baby i nak sangat baby boy for the first one..
    hehehe... dont know why i suka baby boy..

  2. Yeaaa...adaa..tunggu naaa..yang kami nanti mai pompuan InsyaAllah.. :-P ( chehhh..geli jaa kan ayat nih..pregnant pon dak lagi dah berangan2..muakakakakak)

  3. lady :haa sama la i pun wanted a boy for the first one. :-)

    cath j : thanks dear. do contact me if u ever need a diaper cake k. hehe

    imma : ehh nak order untuk diri sendiri ka nanti? hahaha

  4. eh, kalau nak buat untuk baby girl, buat jer.. tapi make sure diapers size XL laaa.. pastu kasik free kat eesya.. i accept jer.. hahahaha..

    p/s: dah nampak makin lama makin lawa ur cake.. congrats...

  5. Nice. Double nice when you're making money out of it. I pun suka art and craft cuma masa je tak berapa mengizinkan. Tried 'baking' a diaper cake once, tapi tak siap-siap. Last2 I dismantled and masukkan dalam paper bag je.. huhu..

  6. I want one for a girl and another for a boy.. tp dok kene kire budget dulu.. nak kene beli brg wajib dulu.. and suddenly 'ordered' to buy blue baju kurung for Adi's kenduri.. aishhhh.. will confirm with you later..

    (Actually ade another 2 boys jugak ni.. ke 1 boy one girl ntah.. but tu kene tunggu bln len.. granted I could order for the fist two babies dulu.. aisehhh!)

  7. are_shie : hahaha benda free sapa tak nak kan? hiks. thanks for the compliments, bila nak jadi biz partner, haha :-)

    asmahani : tu lah, best bila can make money out of something that u love doing. :-). haaa next time bole order diaper cake from me ya. hehe

    ayu : hamboi byk nyaaa! thanks for the support buddy! hehe

    p/s: sila buat baju vogue for the kenduri k. nak take ur pics and promote kat my blog hahahhahahaha

  8. comelnya. nak buat hantaran boleh?? :)

  9. cik epal : boleh, i bagi diapers as preparation in advance utk dapat baby. ok? hahaha

  10. cuteness! all the best in your biz yea ;)



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