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Lelaki dan perempuan yang suka gaduh!

I had a meet up with my BFF from school time. She, her daughter, mom, sister and nephew came down to Penang to settle her late father's business and so I was only too happy that I got to meet Teah again. She's currently 4 or 5 years old, and this is only the 2nd time I got to meet the sweetheart. So makcik-makcik now, just like the mother. But in a cute way of course, not like the mother. Hahaha!

We met up at Borders, and had coffee at Starbucks. Irfan and Teah hit off on the wrong foot. I guess it's the age difference. Teah wanted something to be done this way while Irfan wanted it that way so they can't stop bickering. Serious nak tergelak tengok when they fought over the abundant of books available all over the place. Cuteness!

See, they were trying to have civilized conversation but totally failed!

Not long after, my BFF called up another friend of us who brought his 2 gorgeous sons along, and Irfan had a blast being boys with them. Man, I hafta say, it's totally wiiiiiillld bringing the son jalan-jalan without the hubster around. Luckily there were helping hands from the friends, or else I would've tear the whole building down with my scream!

And the boy went even wilder each time we entered a shop. Much to my annoyance, he made a mess in FOS. When I told him the auntie (SA) will beat him up if he kept on doing that, he went to the auntie and said to her "Auntie cantiiiikkk lah!". Terus Auntie control ayu tak jadi marah hokeh! What a player anak aku nih. And good taste he has too! Haha!

Oh he went even wilder once we entered Toys R Us, and thank God Auntie Feezah decided to get him a belated birthday present. Kalau tak, sure kering poket mak dia yang dah sedia kering.

Tah apa lah nasib bus driver kena berdiri on top of the bus roof plak!

Thanks Aunty Feezah for the treat. Next time bring Teah to sleep over, then we can have more splendid time bullying each other okeh!

And Irfan, mama nak pesan one thing : "Jangan gaduh with Kak Teah k. When I was young, my friends used to say 'KECIK-KECIK GADUH, BESAR-BESAR JODOH!". Hahaha! Unless you don't mind marrying an older woman lah. Hiks.


  1. kecik2 gaduh besar2 jodoh.. :D
    kalau dah jodoh apa salahnya kan.. umur belakang kira hehe

  2. age is just a number lerrr ... kalau dah chenta ... big mommy boleh tolong buat hantaran kay! ... heheh ... btw i love the new look ... clean and sweeet!!! ^_^

  3. lady : hahaha. tu lah umur belakang kira eh.

    papakeechee : ok. nanti i let u know the theme color! wakakkakaka

  4. hehe ur lil boy is super cute !!



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