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Nuffnang Cashout - Dah bole beli kerete sejibik!

Without realizing it, I had been blogging for a little bit more than a year now using this blogging name. Along the way, I came across Nuffnang in many fellow bloggers blogs and got interested in trying it out myself. As my blog isn't a popular blog , thus the earning crawled very very slowly much to my annoyance. It seemed like I have to wait for cats to grow horns before I could get any cash out from Nuffnang. 

Thus, I had been ignoring the account for quite some time. However, just a couple of weeks back, suddenly terdetik nak check the account and so I took the trouble to log in bla bla bla, and Alhamdulillah, it's doing better than before. But then again I've had  trouble understanding about buffered earning and metered earning, googled about it and came across Mommy Lyna's explanation on it. Perghhhh! Mommy Lyna's entry was on top of the list in Google search engine tuuu! How do you that Mommy Lyna, care to share?   

Anyway, back to the buffered and metered earning, after reading about it in Mommy Lyna's laymen words, then I understood how it works. And yippedy yipes! I was only too happy to realize that I got another few bucks to earns before I could cash out my first ever earning from Nuffnang!

Tak sabar nih! Bole beli kereta mainan sebijik kat Irfan. Hahaha!


  1. ciss...terkejut gak i bila u ckp leh beli keta sebijik. tipah tertipu...

  2. rata2 org dok sebut nuffnang rasanya i je yg belum ada kan ehhehehe

  3. halamak...this reminds me that i also have the nuffnang ad and been ignore it for too long...lupa babe..mesti tadak duit dlm tu sbb tk dpt pun cheque hahaha :D
    anyway keta mainan pun jadi lah kan :D

  4. wahhhhh!!!!!!!! ingatkan dh boleh beli kereta mama irfan sebijik...kihkihkihkih....
    darling, ur blog glamer la... me likey ur blog soooo much! me likey irfan also.... hehehehehe.....

  5. furhh..!! pakcik kayooo...!! elmondo laa Bai..apa lagikk.. ;-)

  6. woo...congrats ka bai! mati2 ingt boleh kuar persona sebijik tadi. huhu

  7. isabelle : hahahaha...saja kasik gempak!

    lady : apa lagi try u kan ramai peminat...sure masyukkk!

    zarin : haaa check jgn tak check!

    fiza : hahahaha kasik gempak ja i ni kan. i loveeeee ur blog too babe! and i heart cute damia ;-)

    imma : haha, tak kaya. elmondo kita tunggu imma dapat gaji juta2 ni...belanja ahh...takkan nak pau suri rumah kot :-p

    fidde : haaaa pesona takleh kuar ahh...keta mainan ja bole kuar. hahaha

  8. cait!!!
    kereta irfannnnn!!!!!!!

  9. hihihi... ingatkan betul2 la tadi... ^_^



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