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Good news for SMS freak! RM 1 for 100 SMS???Biar betulllll!!!!

I remember when we were still studying, back in the late 90's, Digi prepaid seemed to be very popular for those owning mobile phones as it offered the most affordable choices for us. But for me, I have always been a loyal customer of Celcom, for certain reason that I myself couldn't identify. I guess I'm already in the 'comfort zone' with the service they offered and had nothing much to whine about except for the occasional heart attack I had by looking at the bill yang tu salah sendiri kak oi gayut tak ingat dunia!. Thus, the loyalty remains.

But the Digi promotions they're having nowadays do get me thinking of switching to the 'other side'. SMS murah, sapa takmau kan, lagi-lagi for SMS freak like me! Furthermore,  if any of you just like me  is thinking to get the new iPhone 3Gs, Digi seems to offer the best and cheapest package you can get compared to the rest of mobile service provider in our country.

So, what do you think? Shall we switch to the other side?


  1. kalo dl pening kepala bila nak tukar nombor tipon sbb leceh nk bgtau family,frens etc tp skrg yg bestnya guna no yg sama pun takpe tp tukar telco provider shj..best2...

  2. i follow....

    i heard till last 3,4mths, digi xde 3g lagi. skrg dah ada ekkk?

  3. mama sarah syimir : setuju. skang dah mudah kalau nak tukar kan

    isabelle : takdak ka? now dah bole la berhijrah. hehe

  4. i tak penah pakai digi.. sejak dulu dengan maxis n pernah jugak try celcom not bad but since kebanyakkan family member pakai maxis i pun kene pakai maxis la hihi...
    i sangat suka sms tapi sejak pakai iphone rasa macam liat skit nak sms, sebab touchpad die la... kalau henpon yg pakai keypad i laju jer menaip tak tengok hp pun i menaip laju mcm lipas kudung tapi skrg tidak lagi uwaaa i sedih...

  5. alamak.... pakej iphone tu nampak menarik.. cam nak kena masuk mesyuarat ahli lembaga pengarah malam ni.. hahaha.. thanks for sharing..

  6. Sori kak Android user tumpang lalu hehehehe...

  7. go for it hehehe..**loyal DiGi User

  8. hahaahaha...mfadzil-lu kerex...pakai handphone orang techie...puan are_shie - dengaq kata abang pejoi kita nak join geng2 Android jugak prepare la proposal ang sangat mantap untuk mesyuarat tu...

  9. Kalu duk bandar besar, ok kot switch to Digi tapi still setia with Maxis.. sama la cannot explain why the loyalty.. hehehe

    Berbaloi switch to Digi if u wanna IPhone 3 GS

  10. @The Zonan Factor : jgn la marah beb. Saya tumpang lalu ja kat blog ni sementara nak balik blog saya kat simpang sana nun...
    @Puan Bai : Digi 3G coverage in Penang Island is very consistent i must say. But if like to travel around especially kampung2 area, Digi probably not a good choice. I rather stick with Celcom for the time being. Oh ya, if you were to choose Digi, why not get Digi+HTC Legend ooppps sorry terrracun plak. OK I nak balik blog i sekarang babai.



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