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Nafsu makan yang membuak!

The son loves eating, just like his momma. At home, the only food he'd find after rummaging through the whole house would be either plain bread and nasik! Thus, because he doesn't get to stuff himself silly during the weekdays, he would take revenge during weekends when he crash at his grandparent's place.

There, he can never keep his mind off food. He would eat like every hour or so as there's always an abundant supply of foods for this boy to get crazy over. Like last Sunnday morning, he had nasi tomato for breakfast, and a couple of minutes after he climbed on the table to grab the bottle of peanut butter and jam. "Sedapppp nih!" he told me so taking the hint aiiii!bole plak hint-hint kat kita!, I made him a piece of peanut butter and jam sandwich to munch on.

Suddenly, it must have crossed his mind that he was stuffing himself unreasonably for the past couple of days. Thus, he dragged his heavier self on to the weighing machine to weigh himself, and got the shock of his life looking at the number!

"Mak aih! Biaq betoiiii!!! I can't believe I gained thiiiis much already!!!"

Haaa tahu takpa, control-control la sikit nafsu makan tu! Hahaha!


  1. makan. makan.. selagi ada selera makan tu... tapi sambil timbang berat pun sambil mengunyah jugak tu.. hehehehehehe

  2. hahahaha... kelakar ler muka irfan.. sangat drama king.. :p

  3. nafsu makan i lately ni sangat lah membuak... rasanya sebab period kot... baru ni pi makan ngan my parents, lauk tak habis semua i licinkan... perut ni dah mcm tongsampah hehehe...

  4. haahahah, kecik2 dah pandai tgk scale dah?
    lawak betul la irfan nih..

  5. hehe..dapat caught on camera this kind of face expression mmg best betoi, irfan u r adorable tau

  6. cute nya irfan..mmg pandai mother like son lah..hehe

  7. irfan buat muka terkezut lak.. hahahaaa..

  8. wakakakaka!!! memang sgt drama ikut mak dia ... huhuhu ... kecik kecik dah tau about putting on weight ... sapa yang ajaq ah?? huhuhu =P


  9. ibu najihah : haha memang betul, biar lah gambar tak lawa pun tapi expression priceless! ;-)

    ella : memang very like mother like son. hiks

    idzalia : tu lah, priceless! haha

    papakeechee : tu lah, dok tengok bapak dia suka naik atas scale baut muka camtu, he followed kot. haha

  10. are_shie : very the drama king hokeh aunty! :-p

    Lady of Leisure : haaaaaa kita serupa! skarang ni semua nak melahap...senang sangat lapar. hahaha

    Quiyah Hasrul : haaaaaa dia ikut orang nih. semua orang buat semua nak ikut. hahaha

  11. hehehe. what a facila expression. dgn pants x pakai tu. very much like my lil adam.

  12. hahahah cute sgtttt gambar irfan tu! :D

  13. nak ucu ucu hoooooo



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