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Back from Cameron

We are back from Cameron!

It was an exhausting trip, especially because of the sick son being cranky and clingy all the time. I'm starting to feel feverish too, but I have to start preparing for my boys' birthday celebration, penatnya!


  1. great!
    have a good rest..nnt jgn lupa update citer cameron!

  2. hey dear...hows irfan...pity him...did he enjoy the holiday??

    nwey kenape yeh bleh alergic antibiotik...paed ade ckp aper2 tak...

    maisarah so far tk elergik..susah mkn ubt we mixed wit her milk...jd okey laaa jgak...

    nwey u guys take care eh...jgn panas sgt yeh irfan tuh..huhuh takot panas2 sgt ni kan...

  3. syoknyaaa jalan jalan.. cameron bes lagi tak skang ni?

  4. irfan! sgt cute pakai sunglasses tuh... super duper cool... :D

  5. sian si kecik..get well soon yea!
    take care both of u..

  6. hi slm kenal :)
    thanx sudi singgah my blog

  7. isabelle : insyaAllah, tho it was nothing great. everything was a blur to me..yang ingat anak sakit huhu

    echa : the last time i went there was in 1997, and i can't remember much except for buying some roses and strawberies for my parents. hehe. tapi ok la cameron...dingin. best

    iefa : i taktau la allergic ka apa...but since it's different type of antibiotic every time, i guess it's all in his mind la kot. tapi dia muntah tu memang keluar macam air paip la...bengkek ja mama dia kena clean up every so often. hehe

    fiza : cute ka aunty? irfan punya moto is "biarpun sakit tetap stylo" hahaha

    padnani : thanks dear :-)

    gee ryder : salam kenal jugak. nice blog u have :-)

  8. u tau over the weekend i penat ngemas.. sambil ngemas tuh leh tingat kat u siap cam 'cis.. si zura bersuka ria kat cameron aku ngemas tak abis2!' ahhahahhaa

  9. Alaaaa.. why la I can't go this Saturday.. huwaaaaaaa

  10. comei nya irfan buat posing manja :D

  11. ely : hahahha...takpa tunggu papi sihat you plak berholiday sakan! hehehe

    ayu : haaa so you better make it up, how about a nice lunch for irfan and his mom?

    amy : time ni comei lagi...tiba malam hari mamanya sudah start cranky..tak nampak comei dahhh manja2 ni huhu

  12. nak nengok gambo2 cameron.... nanti update yer..

  13. xpe...mommy superwoman.boleh multitasking!!!rest byk2 ok



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