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WARNING : This entry has a certain gross-ness to it, so don't proceed reading if you can't stand seeing gross-ness of any degree.

I don't know what's the deal between Irfan and antibiotic. Every time we feed him ANY antibiotic, he would throw up. That's the reason why we would wait until it's very, very, VERY necessary and unavoidable to see the paed, as there's no way for us to feed him most of the medicines, mainly the antibiotic, AND make sure it will stay put in his body for more than one minute.

Thus, yesterday when I brought him to the clinic due to high fever, I told the doc about this little problem and requested for the ubat bontot for his fever. I also mentioned to him that Irfan refused any form of antibiotics, and he could detect them even when we mix it with water or milk. So the doc prescribed strawberry-flavored antibiotic to be mixed with Vitagen, and just in case THAT still don't work, then we just gonna have to bring him over for a jab!

Now, which kids do not like Vitagen, you might ask. Well, for your information, MINE DOESN'T. All this while, he always thought that Vitagen is masam. Most of the time he would take a sip and let his fatty bom bom mama finish the rest. But last night, he took a sip and declared that Vitagen is UBAT, pulakkkkk! on earth would he know that I mix the strawberry-flavored antibiotic in them?! They're strawberry-flavored, surely they don't taste like medicine, do they?

Come this morning, his fever was still high though I kept on shoving those pills down his bon-bon every 6-8 hours. He too kept on whining to me drama macam mama-nya jugakkk "Sakiiitttt...toooolooongggg" that I I decided to force the antibiotic down his throat, for his own good. BUT then, look at what happened 2 seconds after that!

He vomited right on my foot, and it was scorching hot that I almost got a 3rd degree burn!

 And immediately after, he laid down helpless, with that sad, far away look on his shrunken face. Poor baby!

I don't know what else to do. We'll be going to Cameron tomorrow but his fever isn't any better today than it was yesterday. We don't want to go for the jab, since he would have to be warded if we do! Anyone care to share any other method to get your kid to eat the medicine like a good boy?

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  1. alaa anak i sama je... makan ubat... penatt woo i pujuk, i kejar, tak sampai 5 minit dia vomittt haihhhh rasa nak nangis, rasa nak marah, sumer ada.. dia sakit tp taknak mkn ubat so howww...

    now kalau ada 5 ubat.. mati i nak tunggu utk bg satu-satu jenis... 1 ubat.. pastu tunggu dlm 15-30 min utk ubat yg ke-2 pulak.. gggrrrr

  2. anak i pantang nampak vitagen, skali 5 botol sepeket tu die bleh habiskan satu masa....
    gelak i baca anak u declare vitagen tu ubat, clever boy! :)

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    Thank you.

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  4. wah ni king drama nei hahahahhhahah

    leh geng with my son masa kecik..takut makan ubat..:D

    get well soon irfan kang tak bole jalan :D

    tak try masuk ubat kat punggung ke yang tuk release panas dia...??

  5. alahai kesiannya... what to do ey... my damia also tak suke mamam ubat... but we still force her ... PAKSA!! tp mmg ade yg terkeluar...huhuhu...

  6. Like a good boy I tatau la, but Ikram had the same problem.. sgt sensitive to ubat like your Irfan even tho mcm² my parents buat.. in the end. tiap kali nak bagi ubat, one kene pegang tgn, the othe kene duk atas kaki dia and pinch his nose saaaaaaaaaampai dia telan.. hahah.. once dah telan, mmg dia tak leh nak muntah kan.. bile still in the throat tu (nmpk je mcm telan, thats why kene really make sure) yg bleh nak throw up balik haha..

    But I don't recommend this la yet.. ni saje seronok tringt kisah Ikram and meds.. dia sanggup tau wpun demam teruk, tak ngaku demam!

  7. poor Irfan..nape susah sgt mkn ubat ni? kalu dh buh dlm susu pun leh detect xtau la nk kata..huhu.
    anak2 kak ct terlebih suka plak ngan ubat..pantang nampak ubat..nak makan. sampai kalu demam slh sorang..nk bg mkn ubat kena sorok2..x bg sorang lg nampak.

  8. liana : hah rajinnya youuuu.tunggu sampai 15-30 mins.i ni pemalas bila dia throw up saja mula la nak give up. huhuhu

    yaya : haaa see...which kids dun like Vitagen kan. even mak budak pun suka, camna lah budak ni bole tak suka huhu

    tulip : will do later ;-)

    sisdee : memang sangat drama king. memang masuk ubat bontot tu la for fever tapi demam tak kebah2 jugak

    fizamior : haaa kids and medicines are like enemies or what??? tapi nak buat camna, mak budak pun benci makan ubat jugak hahaha

    ayu : haaa amin suggested that la..the pinching nose part. maybe can try that later. since there's no other way. thanks for the suggestion!

    amboi ikram pun susah makan ubat! what about you? hehehe

    kak ct : haaaaaa...yang ni terbalik plak. sampai kena sorok ubat hahahahha lawak la

  9. kesiannya..hope he is alrite by now.

  10. nia yg kecik tu pun tau ubat2 ni. amazing, but true. haha. kesian irfan.. vitagen pun dia tak suka. aduhh susah la camni. slalu kalau nia mkn ubat, kitorang tutup hidung dia. paksa telan. it works, tapi mcm berperang la kan.

  11. alahai maisarah lately almost setiap hari tabur muntah camtu...sbb lepas minum susu (coklat plak tu) suka dok terkinja2 tengok tv or main....dah tu keluar balik semua susu....geram betul...minum ubat plak mmg depan sinki je..agak2 dia nak muntah mmg letak kepala dia hala sinki siap2 heheh



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