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The Cameron Trip

How many of you have ever been to Cameron Highlands?

As for me, the last time I step foot there was during a school trip when I was in Standard 4 or 5. I couldn't remember much, all I remembered was there were lots of strawberries and roses. And not forgetting the cold weather as I remembered being bundled up in layers of clothing at night.

When we were about to get married, hubby suggested Cameron for our honeymoon getaway but I was totally against the idea as I wanted an island vacation, so after much persuasion, he gave in  to me. Oh, I'm just very very persuasive, if you haven't know by now. Haha.

Oh, ini bukan gambar di Cameron ya ini adalah gambar semasa honeymoon saja gatai nak letak hiks

And then after we tied the knot, hubby insisted that no matter what we had to go to Cameron at least once before we got a baby, but the opportunity never presented itself. We went to a few other places like Teluk Cempedak etc, but never Cameron. Thus, you can imagine how excited we were when the plan was made for a vacation in Cameron, this time with a baby in tow.

Unfortunately, just a couple of days before the trip, Irfan was down with a high fever and was still having it while we were there. Thus, both of us got pretty tired of calming down the cranky baby  and worrying about him, thus it kind of spoiled the holiday mood.

While at Cameron, we visited the common tourist attractions, namely the strawberries farms and the tea plantations. Among them all, the one I remember most is the Raju Strawberry Farm, as they served the most delicious strawberry cheesecake I've ever tasted! The waffle was pretty good too, strawberry milk shake was marvelous and the strawberry flavored teh tarik was to die for. However, the strawberry ice cream was just so and so.

I didn't take much pics because I was busy juggling between enjoying the scenery and  caring for my little boy, and hubby didn't take good pictures especially of me! I either look like humpty dumpty, a dwarf or like I've just been ran over by a truck in all the pics he took! And to think that I took all good pics of him, sheesh!

These were taken at one of the earliest tea plantation we visited, I forgot the name.

The kakak and abang were trying to cheer the cranky boy up, but to no avail.
This is the least distorted pic hubby took of me, he's hopeless, really! Haha..
At Uncle Raju's Farm!
The out-of-this-world cheesecake!

The teh tarik might look normal to you, but it's strawberry flavored. Very nice, I tell you.

The twins, they're like so cheeky yet so cute!
 Geram nak geget!

Budak sakit at MARDI's strawberry farm

If only I was still studying or working, surely I'd get all pschyed up upon seeing these books.

Before and during the trip, the ladies were all being typical mothers, fussing about what to cook and eat, while the guys were busy thinking on places to go. Hubby reminded me countless of times "Sila control nafsu membeli-belah ya" haha, but really there wasn't much to buy. The souvenirs are pretty typical, and after much thoughts, all the souvenirs we got were 'strawberry' based.

I guess if the son was in the pink of health, we would've enjoyed the trip more, but since he was down with high fever, both of us were busy trying to keep our patience in check rather than enjoying the whole thing.

So I guess, we should start planning for another family vacation soon. What say you, hubby?


  1. i go to those places everytime i bring my students for a fieldtrip. sambil nyelam, sambil minum ayaq la..
    and we love the fruity tea too.kalo dah abis, x pi lagi field trip, siap order kat kwn yg keja dkt2 sana lagi. poyo!

  2. last pi CH masa tgh preg 4 mnth kot!!! so may nnt we all dh plan nk ke CH hehehe. tak sabar nak mkn steamboat....

  3. rindu nak blk serius ke u tak pernah gi cameron time kita study @UIA dulu. i tot rajin aje ada class trip gi situ?

  4. meh plan bercuti kat jepun pulak hehe

  5. i suka cameron sbb sayur dia wahh beshnyee.. ija.. kalu i dok cameron sure abg i ckp i kambing sbb i suka la mkn ulam2 sayur wakakkaka.. raddish dia ya allahhh segar bugar suka suka suka.. tp zura, cranky2 irfan i tetap jeles u g holiday hahahaa

  6. sronok kan gi Cameron..kak ct yg dh berapa kali pi sana tp xpenah singgah Raju Strawberry Farm trip kena singgah la..

  7. isabelle : wahh bestnya you! hah i pun tengah nyesal tak beli banyak2 the strawberry tea tu!

    elyn : ah makan steamboat kat cameron ka? kat mana tu? sedap dari biasa ka? hehe

    mama-miya : haaa i dulu asal ada trips ja ponteng, anti-social. wakakaka nasi tak kena pinalized :-p

    yatie : i wish! kalau kitorang gi japan cari u k jadik tour guide

    ely : hamboiiii herbivornya dia...haha. ala u pun vacation maaaa kat APSH. hahaha!

    kak ct : haaa next time make sure pegi k! :-)



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