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Siapa belum bagi birthday present kat Irfan nih?!?

The son loves playground so much, but I rarely bring him to it even though we have one just below our unit. This is because every time we go to any playgrounds, he refuses to go back home and I always had to spank struggle with lots of shrieking and screaming involved in between, before I'd manage to bring him home.

I pity him at times, and that's the reason I proposed to buy this slide set among other things  for our dear boy. So that we could solve his 'playground issue' once and for all! Concrete argument I have, don't you think so?

But I haven't get any feedback from the Finance Minister on this. Maybe I should re-do my proposal to add a better/more concrete reasons for buying. Any brilliant ideas from you people out there?

Look at this boy, even with a high temperature and weak body, he still enjoyed himself playing at the hospital. Oh he loves going to the paed, because they have a cool indoor playground for him to play at.

So instead of having to force himself to get sick every time he wants to have a go at the playground and cost his father A FORTUNE in the long run, why don't he get him the playground set instead? Or if he thinks that is too much to ask for, perhaps he should get him this coolest ever police ride instead. He knows his wife son would remember him as the coolest father ever! for the rest of his life, if he buy this for the son's 2nd belated birthday present.

Pretty please ? *batting eyelashes*


  1. best playground tu.. 24hours anak blh main dlm umah je..hihi

  2. salam..

    Thanks for dropping by my blog:) baru teringat nak kunjung balas..

    have a nice day!

  3. baizura mmg syok le budak2 klu ada slider camtu hahahaah..set camtu lagi rege mmg leh tahan kan...dulu2 adale suggest kat PM kita (mr hubby) tp dia bangkang...kes dia kata main kat luar budak tu leh tau dunia luar..huhuhu..yelah..klu dia golek2 pun IBU gak kena pujuk :(

  4. miya ada playground besar depan rumah ni. dia leh share aje dgn irfan, tokleh bg 100%. nnt mayor melbourne marah miya. :D

  5. even a not-yet-a-mum-nor-a-wifey like me is also hooked to the playground. everytime me &,my bestie's toddler had time together to go to ToysRUs, i always make her go and try the p'ground. even looking at her having fun made me feel so good.

  6. pheewww!!! Nasib i dah bagi ... if not have to rummage arees's piggy bank plak to buy aqil's gift yang tertera di atas ... hehehhe ...

    ala as alasan is when arees comes over both the boys can play together and kita tak yah nak lari here there to catch them kan .... save energy some more ... =P


  7. idzalia : bestkannnn! i memang berkenan hehehe

    topsyturvymum : thanks for visiting back :-)

    mama-miya : hahhh! tunggu irfan pi melbourne bole "pinjam" ekk miya. tapi kalau dia nak bawak balik how? hahah

    sisdee : hahhh memang itulah jawapan bernas dari para2 PM kita ni kan..hiks

    nay : haaa...seee even u want it for ur bestie's toddler kan. kukuh dah alasan nih haha ;-)

  8. papakeechee : hahahahaha kesian arees's piggy jadi mangsa. haaaaa good alasan. will try that one on my minister. haha

  9. Bai..macam Amin cakap..kat kedai Toys some where at Penang Road ada semua bebenda nih..kakak dah sambaq 1 and letak kat anak2 dia buat tak heran jaa bila nmpk playground kat luaq..sbb dah ada satu kat umah..Gelongsor tuh dalam bapa ratus ntah..xigt dah..

    Encik Manager..beli satt satu kat irfann...siannn kat dia..nanti bole Boboy tumpang skaki.. :-D irfan dah tak kedekut laa..baikk irfann..

  10. Imma : dah pi jenguk kedai tu lama dah...slide tak nampak pun. cars and bike ada tapi better beli toys r us punya lah coz it's about the same price. kalau kat toys r us rosak ble change/repair.

    slide kat tesco and giant ada jugak kan, of course la tak secanggih this one but if wayyyy cheaper ok la kotttt. hiks

  11. i sokong je kalo amin beli.
    nnt blk penang, i singgah bwk adam main. hehehe

  12. isabelle : haaa mai jgn tak mai hehehe



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