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Birthday Presents from Everyone Else BUT HIS FATHER.

I know I still owe you guys an entry on my boys' birthday celebration. But mind you, this entry is not about the celebration.

Last year's birthday celebration was more about Irfan's father, but this year it was more about Irfan, as he began to understand the fun of celebrating a birthday. He loved the candle-blowing moments, and he loved getting toys too. Every time people handed him a present he would have that curios look on his face and started chanting the mantra : "toyyyyys, toyyyyyyyys, tooooyyyyyyyys!"

He got his presents as early as a month before his birthday. Yerp! That's how early I started training him to be excited about his birthday. The first ever present he got was from who-else-but-his-beloved-mom. He loved his Shrek Pillow for about 2 weeks, before The Elmo Books and set of clothes from his Aunt Nai and Uncle Alfian arrived. Cehhh!

And then came the present from his tok abah and maktok, just a day before he turned 2. He was too excited when he saw the box and immediately requested his grand dad to open it for him.His grand dad of course couldn't say no to this cheeky boy, so here goes!

Budak keypoh helping his grand dad setting up the chair and table
And he was excited about them for while, but after we brought it back to the house and kept it locked in his room, he rarely used them. Until yesterday when I brought it out to the hall. Look at what happened, he turned the house upside down with his books papers and everything else in betweens. Lepaih tu rilex atas kerusi tengok TV like nothing happened. Haih! Tension mama hokeh!
And these are the rest of his presents, and he loves them all. Thanks to everyone for the presents and angpow! Terima kasih daun keladi, tahun depan boleh bagi lagi. Haha!

P/S : Abah, bila Irfan nak dapat present from you nih?


  1. meja studi irfan tu sangat comel!

    agaknye abah irfan nak bagi hadiah lagi besar ni.

  2. abah irfan is saving the best for last probably...suasana tunggang-langgang tu reminds our hosehold tu..sight yang terlalu familiar..

  3. wah cantik meja study dia... lepas ni boleh la baca buku dengan gigih hehe...

  4. aiyoyo bestnya irfan..dpt byk giler present on his bday. tp plg xtahan siap fully utilize meja dgn buku2 & kertas bersepah2 ekekeke

  5. love the table & the shrek pillow. kalau pillow tu i pun nak lol..

  6. wow..! banyknya adiah..nak pinjam buku shrekk boleey..??

    BTW Bai, jom collect award at my blog.. ;-)

  7. ala.. sweetnya pillow.. heheh cute.. wah banyaknya hadiah irfan!!! bertuah betul.. auntie nak pinjam boleh????

  8. hahaha ali wanted to get table chair set for arees then changed his mine ... he bukan akan duduk diam2 cam aqil, he will climb on it to help him climb on something else heheheh ... buat cute la all his toys especially that BAS SEKOLAH!!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh ...


  9. mama demand ler dr abah tuk irfan..hhiihihi

  10. eh eh k.yha,ni pillow yang intan pernah cerita dalam blog tuh..ermm,kan wujud! ramai org tak caya ada pillow macam tu,akhirnya tbukti jua..keh keh keh!!

  11. farah : harap2 lah. :-)

    hanz : hahh tiap2 hari tunggang langgang camtu. pening!

    lady : bukan membaca buku dgn gigih, menconteng dgn gigih haha

    imma : meh meh nanti irfan read for aunty

    zoora : bole bole nanti aunty datang umah irfan kay!

    papakeechee : wahhh, try get one for arees and teach him la. maybe he'll love it hehe

    iefa : mama dah tak larat demand dah hiks

    intan : ya betullll! wujud la pillow tuh. kak yah beli online hehe



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