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My 'plain' Sunday

I'm just in no mood to do much nowadays. My BFF should be visiting me anytime soon, and I blame the BFF for this mood swing.

Anyway, yesterday we had some kenduri to attend, and since one of the it was near Padang Kota, I really wanted to lepak by the beach and enjoy the cool breeze. But because of 'tight schedule', we really couldn't spare anytime for ourselves.

However, since I was really in the mood for a stroll, I decided to walk a few blocks and spend some time by myself. And I'm glad I did, because I really had the time of my life meeting people who made me feel good about myself. I used to do this while I was still living separately from hubby. On most weekends that he didn't come for a visit, I would go shopping alone, and had soooo much fun BEING on my own, with no one to rush me home. So I would say that yesterday was one of the most cherished time I've had after so long!

First I got a surprise when I stepped foot into a nearby KFC. There was Syed, one of my little brothers good friend behind the counter, it totally escaped my mind that he's working at that particular KFC! This boy had spent time at our house on many occasions, and he's like real shy in front of us tapi kat belakang mak aih, jangan cakap lah. Haha!

Anyway, when he saw me queuing in the line, at HIS counter, he started to turn bright red. So I was already getting this mischievious ideas to taunt him when me turn comes, and so I did! I asked him to throw in some free stuff for me and all he could do was nodding his head and smiled, with no single word coming out of his mouth. And I swore he would have hid beneath the counter if he could. To prove his awkwardness for having me as his customer, when I asked for orange flavored soft drink, he poured me a strawberry one instead.  Haaaaa ni kena potong gaji nih!!! And then he took forever to hand me back my change, a case of serious clumsiness here. Haha! I felt like a lecturer doing a spot check on her student. I had a good laugh throughout the 15 minutes spent there.

After KFC, I felt like pampering myself but there was no spa to be found nearby so I got a haircut instead. I had fun chatting with the hairstylist too. She couldn't believe that I'm going to turn 30 this year and kept asking me if I'm sure of my age. Haha! Haaaaaaa Ayu bukan awak sorang tau yang still sweet 16! And I'm still not sure how it all started, but once I realized it she was already in the midst of telling me her problems, and we had fun bitching about people she hates. Haha! I think that was the most fulfilling haircut I've ever had in a decade. :-p

I have these people to thank for making my Sunday merrier than I thought it would be. What about your Sunday?


  1. hehe.. i told you kan... seriously u memang nampak muda... coz of your cute baby face..

  2. lama x p padang kota...mmg best jalan2 amik angin petang kat situ ;)

  3. Hahaha.. aikkk, ade ayat tuju kat sy nmpk =p

  4. ah ha!! alone time best kan cause it's all about YOU!!!! Well I'm glad u had a gala of a time and yes u do look very young ... huhuhu


  5. Ahad yg sangat penat dan sangat letih..tak pegi ke mana2 since early in the morning dah kena pegi sekolah..PIBG meeting..balik sekolah tidoq sat sblm lunch..bangun lunch then main2 sat ngan boboy then sambung tidoq balik together2 ngan Boboy..(tidoq dua round tuh..7 hari bekerja..letih gilaa)..ptg tuh bersiap2 nak kluaq dinner with conjunction of moms birthday..

  6. lady : haha thanks...ingat u saja2 nak puji hiks

    yatie : bestttttt!!!! dulu masa single suka gi sana ngn mak tapi time angin dia sejukkk ja

    ayu : ekekekeke...lama tak gaduh ngn awak syok tauuu!

    papakeechee : yess, nanti we go togehther plak hokeh. and well not as young as you look ;-)

    imma : hamboi dengaq pun dah penat, tapi imma enjoy kan so okie lah tu. hehehe

  7. it's good to have some yourself-moments kan.. i mean you love those people in your life, and would want them to be with (almost) all the time but sometimes, a time-off would be much appreciated(and needed hihi)..

    glad u had yours.

  8. ahad minggu ni kami ke pahang.. knanti lia buat entrynya ye.. hihi



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