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Einstein in the Making

They had been studying at the same schools,  in the same class since kindergarten until Form 4. They got the same results for UPSR and PMR : both got straight A's for both exams. After Form 4, they went to different (boarding) school and they both had their moments of ups and downs.

And today SPM results are out. I accompanied both my brothers to get their results at their respective schools. Both of them plus my mother were very tense in the car and my bro and I had so much fun teasing and scaring them outta their wits with the worst case scenario. Hahaha! But once the results were in their hands, just look at their faces...

Twin 1 : In the car heading to his school, I was asking him lotsa irritating questions and he told me to shut up. Haha! Rileks la bro, apahal nak tension2 plak! :-p
 Twin 2 : Just got back from PLKN this morning, and shoot straight to school to get the result. This one was already talking about working and earning RM juta-juta even before he saw his result. Overrrrr okay!

Alhamdulillah. I know you guys can do it. My little brothers are geniuses!


  1. tahniah akhbar n abidin..yea, i know both of my cousin ni mmg sgt genius!! tabib guys...

  2. ada adik twin eh? congrats to them :)

  3. WOW!! Congratulations Akhbar & Abidin!! You guys memang terrer la..Tahniah, tahniah.. bukan senang nak dapat results macam tu cik adik ooi...

    Abidin -- sempoi rambut baru ;)

    Mak mesti seketaq hampa dua kan.. Yah -- remember that time when you got ur PMR result.. I think I went along with your mom -- memang lawak la..Sampai bila yong tak lupa...

  4. eis : yerp, thanks ya ;-)

    intan: heeeeeeeee takkan tahninah ja kot belanja la depa plus kakak depa makan. hahaha

    yong : abidin tu rambut PLKN. Irfan mula2 tengok takuuut. Bootakkk! haha

    and yes, mak siap takmau dukung irfan, i said i had butterfly in my tummy, pah kata mak lagi la bukan takat butterfly, gastric troih dah. wakakakkaka

    and yes! yong ikut kan, time result PMR tu mmg unforgettable. time SPM pun mak buat camtuuuu gak la! tadi we all dah pesan siap2 mak dok dalam keta but sampai2 sana tiba2 she said lenguh kaki nak keluaq. haha! alasannn! siap pi tunggu dalam dewan tsk tsk tsk

  5. best giler adiks hang bai... yg aku x sabaq nak dapt twin ni. ameen.. -mariam

  6. mariam : haaa untuk seketika aku berbangga menjadi kakak mereka-mereka itu. hahaha. and aku ameen kan doa hang jugak!

  7. congrats!!!! i tgh kembang2 hidung bangga mcm adik la plakkkk hahahaha suka suka suka..

    semoga twins dpt juta2 aminnnn

  8. tahniah..adik2 bai!!

    wah mariam nak anak kembar??!! Amin...

  9. wah hebatnya adik2 u. nak cop wat adik ipar buleh ke? yg mana solo lagi? adik bongsu i skrg ni form 4,kira ok la kan..muda 2thn..ahaks

  10. Congrates ya!!..mesti ur mother banggakan??..

  11. hi... congrates kat adik2 u.. dh la kembar, dua2 genius pulak tu.. mmg gempak laa..

  12. Baizurah, remember mase skolah dulu, they were just KIDS! Skrg dah amik results SPM gempak² nye hahahah..

  13. congratulations!!!!!!!!!
    so genius bebeh... hehehehe.....

  14. Congrats to the twins (not identical aren't they?) for the fantastic results!

    Anyway SPM is equivalent to which level here? For us we have PSLE (Pri 6 at 12 yrs old), Cambridge GCE 'O' Levels (Sec 4 at 16/17yrs old), Cambridge GCE 'A' Levels for (College students for 18 yrs old). Then off they go to university!

  15. Wow.... HEBAT!!! tahniah.. ^_^



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