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There's always a first time to everything, isn't it?

I guess most of you haven't know this, but I'm not a morning person. I enjoy sleeping in late and would only wakes up after countless of pokes in the eyes I received from the little guy. One of these days I really am gonna go blind because of him!

Anyway, after so long, I finally woke up early this morning so that we could be among the first queuing at the immigration counter tapi malangnya tataaaap lambat! Thus, as we were not as early as we hoped to be, we were there for quite a loooong time, in between lining up to get the forms at one counter, submitting them at another and getting the receipt from ANOTHER counter . And after all that, we had to wait for almost 3 hours for our 'business' to settle. Luckily there was the best-nasi-campur stall around so the big guy and I managed to grab delicious lunch in peace and later on, the little guy managed to burn the calories for us at the nearby pay-gown (playground)! Hiks.

On another note, I won't be online for a  couple of days next week. I can already predict the boredom I would have to endure without the internet! Most importantly, me, myself, and the little guy would surely miss the big guy as this is the first time for us to be apart for quite a long period since the little guy was born, so I hope little guy and I would be doing alright.

Let's make sure we would still  be able to enjoy ourselves without the big guy around, shall we, my little guy?


  1. jauh di mata dekat di hati... hope u ll be doing fine... take care.. :)

  2. u'll be fine.. lil guy will kepp u occopied..mesti menarik cerita2 pasal drama mama n his lil guy nanti once u start online again hihi

  3. kepp~keep..lapaq, tu yg typo melulu hihi

  4. i'm not a morning person too haha motip bagitau??
    semoga semuanya ok-ok saja ya. take care.

  5. will be fine...cewah pndai cakap org hahahaah...

    lama2 nanti okay....nasib le sedap ek nasi campur tu klu dak...hahahhahaah

  6. betul3...bak kata pepatah lama, alah bisa tegal biasa... :)

  7. wah wehere u going..coti2 kaa ;-)

  8. hope both of u will be fine without ur hubby for few days ;)

  9. lady : a'ah insyaAllah ;-)

    nay : alah, sure nanti boring takdak cerita. sebab i plan untuk tido dan tido dan tido while grandma irfan jaga dia. jahat kannnn hahahhaha

    eis : haaaaaaa! i thot i'm the only mommy yang bukan morning person, glad i found my geng! haha

    sisdee : haaaaaaa..memang sedap tul tau nasi campur tu!!! i rasa macam nak mintak nasi tambah! hahaha

    applecrux : negara jiran sahaja...kalau kentut pun boleh bau, saja ja bini yang dah lama tak kena tinggal lama2 ni nak mengada haha

    mama sarah syimir : tapi tak nak la kena tinggal selalu! hehehe

    iefa : takla..hubby ja going, atas urusan kerja bukan holiday yaaa! hiks

    yatie : insyaAllah..a few days ja pun kan, bukan months pun. hhehehe



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