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Mission Impossible : Misi Pencarian Jaket Rockstar

Ever since hubby told me of the plan of the upcoming holiday in Cameron with his friends, I've been wanting to find a 'rock star jacket' for Irfan. I've purchased a rock star outfit  for my pet Meme (Pet Society) and I really love how he looks in them, so I bet Irfan will look cool in the same kind of outfit too!

Image googled

But then I told myself again, come on get real! These leather outfits must cost a heap, so I'm willing to lower down my standard and go for a jeans jacket instead. Walaupun tidak kelihatan rockstar, janji rock! Haha..
As expected, when I really want something that bad it would be very hard for me to find it. As hubby we are not willing to spend so much on just a jacket that he would only wear once or twice, we target those outlets around Penang to get a good quality jacket at a low price. We didn't find what we were looking for at Brands Outlet QB, but we came thiiiiiiiiiis close to purchase him the coolest pair of Levi's I've ever set my eyes on! Darn, but they didn't have it in his size!
So the mission failed this time. The only fruitful thing resulted from the mission is I got to eat the food that I've been craving for so long, PANCAKE!  I've vowed to myself before that we would never eat out again until Irfan can behave himself in public, but there we were choking down our food amidst the son's shrieks and his attempts to turn the place upside down. Luckily the waiters did not charge us for the torn pages of those magazines and destruction that shooed other customers away. 

 My half-eaten Full Monty! Look at that fat hand quickly grabbing my glass of ice lemon tea while I was busy clicking away. Suka sangat nak minum "ayaq ais!". Tea pulak tu.. Tsk tsk tsk!

Nasib jugak budak kenit ni pandai, he knows how to pujuk his father after pissing him off earlier. Kalau tak, we just gonna hafta to wait for another decade until your father would agree to eat out again, son!

* Mission impossible will continue this weekend. I hope.


  1. beshnye nak jalan.. cameron dulu 1st trip sami masa 3bln.. konon training lah spy tak cranky hahaha sbb dia 4mths kitorg dh bwk g bandung. patu sama lah dok carik sweater, beli kat mark&spencer lagik mahal dari bra modernmom i cis .. besh besh.. bln 3 nk ajak papi g penang.. kalu jadik nk mintak u bwk mkn nasik dalca.. tingin lah!

  2. senioritasara : thanks autny! hehehe

    ely : haaaa..memang la diorang ni kalau ikut hati membeli memang mahal ja barang dia dari kita. tsk tsk tsk...ahhh u nak datang berapa hari bulan? jgn sama time ngn kitorang gi cameron sudah! hahaha

  3. it must be difficult to find such outfit yang comfortable for kids.
    kalo ada pun, maybe fabric panas. (tapi kat genting, xpa la kan)
    kalo u dpt cari yg selesa, pls let us know.

  4. irfan nampak kurus sket eh..sure lasak kan maken comey...geram tgk...cant imagine him wit the rockstar outfit...ailahhhh sure double comey..

  5. isabelle : haaa sure panas lah...that's why nak pakai sekali dua ja time gi jalan tempat2 sejuk ni...sure tak nak spend so much. huhu. will let u know kalau jumpa yang comfy

    iefa : ahhh dia kurus banyak dah sebab diarrhea baru ni. kesian! and lasak adalah faktor penyumbang also haha..

  6. waaahhh...kalau irfan pakai jaket rockstar tu mesti jadi sgt cute!

  7. waduh irfan kalau pakai rockstar outfit tu i bet sure ramai peminat... he s handsome boy!

  8. owh so cute la irfan kalo pakai jacket tuh!!!

  9. makan pancake kat mana tu? is that pancake with fish?

  10. izan : a'ah kan kalau kids pakai memang sangat cute!

    lady : ahhh kalau ada peminat bole la mama dia tumpang glemer haha

    fizamior : haaa kat mana nak cari ni aunty???!!

    k22 : kat Paddington House of Pancake, kat Penang. no that's not fish, it's hotdog, sunny side up, mash potato, beef bacon, salad and baked beans. burppp! alhamdulillah..hiks

  11. i found jacket gitu, almost the same cutting, at myers smlm. around $40++ brand lonsdale kids..nak beli utk Miya, tp kena sound dgn papa-miya kata membazir..menci menci!! tunggu la org cari kat preloved shops nnt..:P



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