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Water damage?

My phone's speaker is not working. Meaning that whenever anyone calls me or vice versa, I won't be able to hear a thing. I don't know if the cause of it is water damage because that phone has never been dipped in excessive amount of water for any amount of time, but water/milk from Irfan's bottle spilled on it adalah.

Since the phone was bought early this year, I could still claim the warranty. But because that sales girl detected that my phone has been 'dipped in water', she told me that the warranty is void. What I refused to don't understand is that - after googling about the warranty clauses - it is said that a dip in water won't usually damage the phone itself, but only the battery. So why is it that even though the damage is NOT A RESULT OF WATER DAMAGE, the warranty is still void? While it's clearly stated in the warranty form that it'll be void if the damage is A RESULT FROM water damage.

Eeeeeeeee, benci tau! Luckily it's not a blackberry, kalau tak mesti menangis tak berlagu! Anyway, just want to share this with you guys :

# Most modern phones have more than one liquid damage indicator (stickers that change color when wet) on them, only one visible to you (and sales/technician agents), and chances are, if the sticker under the battery is triggered, then the odds are that the internal stickers you can't access are tripped as well. This will still result in you paying a voided-warranty fee in the long run. Warranties don't cover water damage, insurance does. And not all insurance companies or plans will honor water damaged phones.

# Be warned that manufacturers place stickers that will display "void" once peeled and some will change colors in the presence of a liquid (usually turns blue or red). This helps techs know that you have dropped it in the water, as most cell phone insurance coverage policies don't cover water damage. Also note that these stickers have been known to change colors in extreme humidity as well.

So, any tips on how to keep our phone from kena even a drop of water?


  1. bab terendam phone dlm air tu mmg common case to everybody esp moms hehe. tp i ada tips, bila hp masuk air, jjgn terus on. what u should do is, tanggalkan bateri dan biarkan bateri + casing + hp betul2 kering least 1 hari ke. lepas tu baru pasang balik. insya Allah, hp tu x rosak. this tips can be applied to all other electronic items

  2. Balut with plastic ala² balut buku heheh..

  3. hmmm...nak buat camana...

  4. its a standard procedure for most mobile manufacturers to void the warranty once there is water contact!

    Another way to save yr phone - take out the battery & 'soak' yr phone in rice padi or beras for few days. The beras will absorb whatever moisture. Then go back to the manufacturer if still in warranty & plead 'ignorance' that water has seep in.

    If you are lucky, they cant trace any water issue so chances of them replacing or repairing phone for free is good!

    Good luck!

    (hush hush shoppermama here)

    Ps. gotta to sign in as anonymous as I am not supposed to teach you all such things! hahaha

  5. itu namanya suh tukar yg baru!
    ehh fon i pon sama gakk tau..'s time for a new one!
    JOM survey sis!

  6. bungkuih dlm beg plastik tesko. hihihi.
    alaa... apa lg bai? 154days to go. hint2 la kat abg amin suruh simpan rm5 each day. sempat tu nak dpt black berry.hehe

  7. dulu ada cover plastik untuk handphone tapi skrg ni org jarang pakai dah kan...
    kalau kene air then cepat2 keringkan biasanya masih boleh pakai...

  8. ayu : hah good idea tu :-p

    yatie : ah ada terbaca gak masa i google aritu, but they said 3 days at least. 1 day pon dah okie eh?

    shoppermama : kalau soak in beras, the sticker kat hp tu bertukar kaler balik ka? once masuk air it'll turn reddish if i'm not mistaken.

    but thanks for the tips anyway!

    cath j : :-(

    jetsetter : joommmm! u nak beli fon apa? hehehehhehehehe

    isabelle : hopefully he reads ur comment!!!! *tanduk dah keluar*

    lady : a'ah. tapi actually penyebab dia bukan masuk air pon. coz it was fine all these while even terkena air sikit then tetiba ja blast couple of days takleh dengar plak. they said it's the ribbon? yang kat slide tu..tapi still warranty void sebab my fon PERNAH masuk air tsk tsk tsk



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