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Saya seekor ulat buku

I used to be a bookworm. I remember being one ever since I was a kid. Every year, the most cherished presents from my parents - be it for my birthday or for doing well in exam - were books. So being a bookworm, whenever the opportunity arise, I'd surely borong a carton of books to last me for at least a month or until I get the chance to buy more. My mum used to get furious with me because of my reading habit. At one time, I totally refused to do anything else but read. It was like an addiction. During those days, the first thing I did upon opening up my eyes in the morning was to reach for a book, and I'd continue to stay locked up in my room until everybody else went to bed again that night. I would then stay up until the wee hours cuddled in bed to finish that one book before I continue with another.

I still remember, the first birthday present ever that I got from hubby - back when he was still my boyfriend - was a book too. It was The Lord of The Ring Trilogy which for quite sometime became my very own "MY PRECIOUS" - something that I couldn't live without, until somebody borrowed and misplaced it. I grieved over the loss, I kept thinking of it for many many years after wards, seriously. I was like that with all my books, I remembered whoever borrowed and never returned them back and at one point when I've had enough of their nonsense, I even blacklisted those people from borrowing any of my collections. Haha!

Then, while I was a month pregnant with Irfan, the final book of the Harry Potter series was released. The day I received the good news of my pregnancy was also the day I got to lay my hands on 'my precious' after months and months of agony eagerly waiting for it's arrival. Yes, I was among the millions who pre-ordered the book (I ordered kat MPH) and went out as early as a few minutes after azan Subuh so as to make sure nothing would get in my way of obtaining something that had been invading my dreams for months.

Sadly, sekarang saya sudah tidak bookworm lagi tapi beralih arah kepada game bookworm pulak! Haha!

Now, I think Irfan has caught the bug. He loves reading so much that everyday he'd rummaged through the bookshelves looking for his favourite books to read. He read them until the books are all torn and lunyai, but he'd still insist on flipping them page by page, page by page.

I dare say that at this point, happiness to Irfan is sitting in his mama's (or abah's) lap in front of the desktop, listening to us reading out to him page by page of that little yellow book. The book he inherited from his mama, the book from my childhood.

I have many many more books from my childhood, still in my keeping so don't you worry son. I'll read them all to you once you are ready because I love you son. And I would be proud if you would continue my legacy of being an ulat buku.


  1. eih sama..i mean both of the bookworms part..i do until now is a bookworm..and then mmg sgt minat itu bookworm games..sibuk main masa pregnant arituh..hehehe

  2. well, we are in the same boat too! I Love books..mmg skrg dok rumah sendiri ada satu lemari penuh..every month mmg ada beli ..siap buat book inventori lagik..and alhamdulilah my son pun mcm dah ikut..ekeke..

  3. i pon suka main game bookworms tu ... jom lawan hehe

  4. me too..!!! i'm this kind of person who will sit on a stool at a chinese flea market in front of the 4D outlet just to find cheap lovely books.

    addicted, i guess.

    i put the blame on my mum:)

    tapi berbaloi right? sampai tua pon i suka baca buku.

    my mum jenis yang akan hadiahkan buku regardless the occassion:)

    i think irfan will be like you one day:)

  5. i wish i could say the same about me la ... i'm not a ardent reader but i do read occasionally when i feel like it ... now it has become very rarely =)

    maybe my second baby i send to u la ... u train jadik ulat buku!!! ^_^

  6. Yup.. I remember my fellow bookworm classmate itu :p

    Btw, I also have LOTR nye book but NEVER finished hahahah.. seriously I love the movie better.. the book tu I sgt tak paham :p

  7. huhu..i dulu mase kecik2 bookworm skang ni 1 buku pon i susah nak abiskan.

  8. eh eh game kegemaran sy gaks tuh,dulu maser saye keje kat shah alam dulu pas dah saket pale design, sy lawan ng bos sayer men bookworm tuh..rindunyerr..

  9. halimatun : ohh i masa preggie sibuk main games lain. mesti baby you pandai kan mak dia main game bookworm lagi time preggy haaaa

    cheryna : kita serupa :-) i hope he'll be one too

    papakeechee : come come send HER i'll train hehehe

    yatie : jommmm!!!

    applecrux : haaa sama la kitorang pun buku penuh kat bookrack, tapi skang dah jarang beli laaaa tsk tsk tsk

    ayu :mesti la. ur one too! siap kita ada book club lagi kan last time haha. eh i enjoy the movie more too, buku dia is just too detail hihi

    farah : sama la :-(

    jay : sporting nya boss awak!!!



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