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Bila dia buat magic, barang pun mula hilang!

I can't believe this! I just found my long-lost memory card reader like few weeks ago, and last night I lost it again!

You know nowadays, all our belongings need to be hidden lest Irfan would do his 'magic pewww pewww' and everything would simply vanish into thin air. Yes, people. Believe it or not, my son is a magician! And I blame his grand dad for training him to be one. Tsk tsk tsk...

We're really runnning out of place to keep things where he can't reach them. I have to place my spectacles on top of the television nowadays so he won't be playing with them. The only place he won't selongkar now is our wardrobe, but then it's already packed to the brim and I swear if we stuff another single thing in there, it would explode.

So yesterday I shove the card reader together with his dad's pack of cigarrate deep under the sofa as I was pretty sure he won't be able to reach it down there. After he was asleep late that night, I went there to look for it, but God please cast Your mercy on me, it was gone!!! Takkan tikus curi pulak, rumah aku mana ada tikus!

Now, where can I find that precious thing among all these trashes we have in the house. Whoa! I hope he didn't threw it in the dustbin, if not I would use his raya collection to get me a new phone that comes with a cute card reader. I don't care!

Haish! Tension! *Tarik rambut*


  1. bakat terpendam Irfan tu..rare tu, bukan senang nak gifted with this talent ehehe

  2. i ada satu masalah, kalau benda yg i takut hilang i akan simpan kat satu tempat, malangnya bila i cari benda yg i simpan tu mesti tak jumpa sbb i lupa i simpan kat mana..
    sometimes bila nak simpan sangat n takut hilang, terus dia hilang...geram kan..

  3. selawat...insyaAllah jumpa tu. irfan...i'm getting more impress with you:)

  4. huhuhu.. sabar mama.. sabar..
    irfan tengah nak gilap bakat tu :)

    my son last time hilangkan our wedding rings (2 mummy punya, 1 daddy punya). 3 hari 3 malam cari.. rupanya dia masukkan dalam vacuum cleaner. berasap mummy!!

  5. i hear ya sista! losing and misplacing stuff drive me crazy too. nak nak lagi aku ni mmg jenis checklist person that would surely make myself remember what to do and where i keep my stuff (most checklist dlm kepala je la kan)... but what is crazier is bila kita dah try to backtrack our actions - like before this i did this, and before that i did that, and on and on - and still can't figure out where it had gone!! i hope ur thing didn't get thrown away. and for the record, i lost my potato peelers twice, and after that only realizing that i DID accidently threw them away in the bin masa nak buang kulit kentang! silly kelly :p

  6. oh same here with nazif, but so far not precious thing yet. But until now I could not find my comb! This morning I caught him in the act of 'keeping' my spare specs inside the drawer. Dustbin is another favourite place he would trashed things. Last time I caught him putting his bottle in the dustbin! Huwaaa anak!

  7. sis..
    bila baca ni i senyum jeee..whow! u mesti bangga habis ni.Btol la tu bakat terpendam :p

  8. sooo cute and notty of irfan..but i believe he always wish kalau cigarette abah dia yg di'magic'kan and it lost permanently bagus jugak..hehehehe...mesti abah dah serik nak beli rokok dah..hahahahhh takut kena 'magic' dek irfan...

  9. cute cute...

    cam miya akan grow up just like irfan aje.

    usually kalau our stuff hilang, we must search her "locker" first, then between the fridge and then behind the book rack. tempat2 simpan brg seludup.

  10. i selalu hilang barang..pasal my son suka sembunyikan..pening kepala di buatnya..tapi yg bestnya bila I tak dapat cari n tanya dia balik dia akan bagitau kat mana..ha..ha..

    N kalau u tak dapat cari barang yg hilang..I advise u, baca Ya Haq..banyak kali..InsyaAllah..u akan dapat brg tu balik..

  11. -daud padang tembaga-

  12. Hihihi..i donno wat to say..he's the chosen one i guess..
    but the part-taktau nak sembunyi kat mana-was same dilema on earth my lipstick bleh masuk dlam remote case nih? hahah..

  13. I kalau cari brg tak jumpa, I akak relaks jap..cari pelan2..n kalau tak jumpa gak I akan baca Ya Haq..InsyaAllah..pas tu dapat balik brg tu...cuba u amalkan...InsyaAllah ye..

  14. ayok tatau mama marahh...senyum jek irfan..wat cebek2 sket...sejuk ati mama tuh ;-)

    tak sampai ati mama marah irfan kan kan mama bai kan ;-)

  15. whoaaa.. irfan dah samapi this stage!! thats early!!!! he's growing up fast



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