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Kita Minum (Susu) Dulu!

I'm wondering, at the age of 19 months, is it a good time to start training my son to drink milk in cup instead of bottle? Will that deprive him of comfort, as I can see that somehow, for God knows what reason - he finds the act of sucking on nipples and pacifier very very soothing. I'm kind of reluctant to deprive him of that comfort as I'm afraid he'd be too clingy and throw tantrum all the time if he doesn't have something to comfort him. Or perhaps I'm not ready to accept the fact that my son is not a baby anymore, because as long as he's still drinking in bottles I have this feeling that he's still like a baby to me and a baby needs his mother the most. Hehe. However, whenever hubby is in in rajin mode, he'd patiently feed his son milk using cups. Nak harap mama dia, sorry naik lori lah. Yes, I don't have the patience like my hubba hub. *grin*

So in your opinion, at what age do you think it's most suitable to wean your kids from bottle?

One satisfied drinker. Haha!

Anyway, here's some info I got from on the milestone for toddler's his age:

Toddlers love to feel like they're making an important contribution to any activity, and chores around the house are no exception. You may find your child's help makes chores more fun for both of you — or you may find yourself dismayed by how long it takes to get anything done. To avoid frustration, save important tasks for times when your toddler is asleep or away. When he's around, let him help with small chores like putting his plastic cup and bowl into the dishwasher, or tossing wet clothes into the dryer.

Oh my! They're so true! Irfan lovesSs helping with chores, I guess it gives him some sense of importance to be able to do grown up works, and also it made him feel all grown up to be able to do things his parents do. All the better for his mum, but well...let's just hope you continue to be hardworking until you're old oh-kay!


  1. I'm not too sure about this but I have seen some opinions in one of the blogs i've visited:

    Maybe you can share your experiences with her:)

  2. i stop minum susu botol when i was 4..
    dah besar panjang..

    tapi senang jer i stop.. my mom tujuk puting botol susu yg dah pecah katanya 'tgk ni dah pecah la, puting dah tak ada lagi, minum dalam geloas ya' and i said 'ok mommy'.


  3. irfan should be alrite with sipping cup by now, sbb it's something new to him.
    then, try bagi dia straw.
    lama2 he knows when to switch to bottles, cups whatnot.

  4. hehehe..gambar cam iklan "got milk" tu. cute.

    i read in almost all babycare book..wean off from breast at 6months & from bottle at 12months. tp tu dunia mat salleh..most moms akan tukar teat bottle to spout & add cup holder to the bottle. then lama, dia tukar tu cups.

    since i still BF, i tokleh nak kata apa la to weaning. but bila miya minum supplement pediasure, i kena bg thru bottle gak. kalau in sippy cup, sikit aje dia minum..lama gak la nak takes almost half a day nak habiskan 5oz.

    tp tu la, bab nak sabotaj mama & papa punye coffee cup tu bukan main lg hebatnye.

  5. hehe afif pon membantu buat kerja rumah jugak..tolong'kemas'...habis sepah satu rumah hahaha

  6. hurmm not sure..but if ma doter..minm dlm cup..mmg tk mnm laa..mean tk dpt laa nk mnm byk...dh ler susah mnm susu...balik2 nk air tosong nk air tosongg...ailahhh

    nwey haah maisarah pon ske kemas...dier perasan dier jd adult klo kemas2...if suruh tlg jek...laju dier buat :D mintak2 sampai beso :p

  7. dear,

    klu tanya pendapat kkdila, rasanya this is the best time..nie berdasarkan my experience la.. ok.. dulu masa fahim, bile adik dia kluar (ie umur 3 tahun setengah) barulah dia berenti botol.. itupon dah jenuh pujuk.. masa tu di UK. kat sana, health visitor(usually senior midwife) akan cek budak sampailah budak tu masuk skolah (ie 3-4 tahun).. so this HV tau si fahim masih botol lepas 2 tahun dan dia kind of marah kkdila.. siap dia kata.. belajar tinggi2 tapi nak suruh anak berenti botol pon tak buleh...

    so I learn from it.. masa faris.. setahun setengah dia berenti menyusu badan (dia sendiri tak nak), dan terus kkdila switch bagi fresh milk in a cup (kat sana lepas setahun takde formula2 dah, semua digalakkan bagi full fat fresh milk).. mula2 pakai yg spout tu la.. lepas tu advance sket, tukar fancy straw.. masa balik mesia raya last year (masa tu still living in d UK), faris umur 2 tahun.. mak-mak kat mesia looked at me like I am a bad mom sbb tak kasik anak botol dah, but at the same time masa cek up faris dengan HV masa he was 2, the HV puji2 sbb faris sudah bebas botol.. (alasan kuat diorg ialah lepas umur 2 tahun all the activities yg libatkan puting/puting botol susu must stop to prevent tooth decay or something)..

    whatever it is, for me, faris punye experiment lebih berjaya dari fahim.. hidup sangat mudah.. sbb tak payah bawak botol la air panas la kalau berjalan.. tgh malam pon dah tak bangun.. no more merengek2.. kalau dia rasa nak susu, just buy fresh milk, cucuk straw, layan... hehehehehe..

    and now kat mesia, he still drinks pediasure.. dengan berseleranya.. sama ada in a cup with a straw, in a cup straight gitu saje or in a bottle without a teat (macam sports bottle tu)..

    mudah kerja I tell you... and percayalah.. d kids will be happier and easier to handle..

    p/s: kalau awal2 tu dia tak berselera minum dalam cawan, tu biasa aje.. kadang2 dia tak berselera.. tp trust me.. bile time selera dia tu mai, secawan pon tak cukup! ;)


  8. rajin irfan tlg mama dia..bagus2, nanti senang dah u...leh lepak eheh

  9. waaahh bagusnya dia nak!!!! zahraa minum dlm botol 6 oz pun susah nak abis!!!!! huhuhh bagi la tips camana nak suruh lagik :P



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