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Now, that's what I call family!

Yesterday, we had my family over for dinner. As my sister will be going back to US next week, we wanted to let Ariez and Irfan spend some time together so that Irfan would remember that he has a cousin in the far far away land.

Best chums ;-)

So this time around, they didn't bicker so much but try to adapt to each other's way. Of course still they fight over toys and their grandpa, but I can see improvement with Ariez being a bit more protective of Irfan, and Irfan trying to communicate with Ariez in his own way. Paling cute was this one moment when I wanted to wash Irfan's poop and Ariez was standing in front of the bathroom. Then Irfan called him "Aiii..aiiii" and he made the smelly gestures with his hand and wrinkled his nose in amusement kat bau taik sendiri. Then he laughed at his own wit. Haha!

Grandpa and grandchildren with aunties in between

Ha dua2 kerjakan tok abah sampai tarik butang baju keluar hoho

Irfan still refused to swim in the pool with abang Ariez, but he warmed up to the idea of it by sitting near the edge and splashing the water at us. Jadi lah, hopefully he'll slowly begin to love the water again. If not, rugi lah bapak awak bayar maintenance tiap2 bulan tau!

Irfan ushar line dulu kay, hiks

Ariez and mommy

The last time he came, Ariez refused to swim but this time around he dipped himself for quite long. However, I didn't get to make him slide down into the pool, I guess he's still too small for it.

See mula2 semangat nak turun but halfway, terus lari turun tangga balik. Huhu

After the kids were done playing with water, we went up to feast on the food brought by my parents and siblings. We had mee rebus, Sup Hameed with roti benggali, campur2, popia basah, nasi lemak daging nyum nyum my fave!, potato salad, custard and kuih-muih. Yes, I told you it was a feast and Irfan ate like there's no tomorrow. Haha!

And mommy of the year award goes tooooo : Mommy Nai! Cayalah kakak! hiks

Over all we had fun. Irfan rarely meets his cousins as they're all scattered everywhere from Penang to KL to Houston, so I can sense that he really appreciate time spent with any of them. Be it baby Emye (Emran), abang Ariez or Al-Arees.

Wow! That sure makes me feel old! My time has long passed by, now it's time for our kids to enjoy the occasional meet ups with cousins and the joy it brings, just like we did when we were young.

All old times are good times huh?


  1. the best part is when the family get together kan..
    btw, lama nampak pool tu..
    geram pulak, i dah lama tak terjun hehe..

  2. Tak saba nk tgg Ian ada cousin gak..

  3. besnya bila gathering mcm nie..makan2...gelak2..gosip2..(me le tue) hahahaha

    i sgt suke camtu ngan my family..:D

  4. bestnye pool..siap ada slide. i'm sure one day nanti irfan akan suka main air gak ;)

  5. lady : yess, tu pun ada lagi my siblings yang takdak, kalau semua ada mesti kecoh hehe. haaa terjun jangan terjun :-D

    jiey ien : a'ah bila ada cousins hidup lebih berwarna warni..heheheIan kalau tak dapat cousins lagi bagi adik la kat dia huhuhu

    sisdee : kannnnnnnn....we all pun camtu gak! gossip itu penting hahaha

    yatie : a'ah the kid's pool memang best. tu la i hope so too :-)

  6. yeahh really great if can spend time wit our own relatives..jerit2 gelak2...dh 'tua2" ni cam lagik best jek biler gather2 kan ;-)
    irfannn best tau berendam ;-P

  7. hahaha...cute nya.
    tgh basuh poo dia pun, nak ajak org sembang.

  8. awhhh!! this is really sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!! we have also eh gatherings!!! just the nephews and probably a niece on the way also kot ... ^_^

  9. sha macam ternampak suasana hari raya balik:)

  10. yeah, all old times are good times :D

  11. yesza, zaman budak2 dulu mmg rasa enjoy gila dapat main dgn cousins! sleepover, picnic, semualah! best :)

  12. eh the pool slide looks fun! haha tiba2. dh lama tak swim! irfan mkn byk ke kak?

  13. sup hameeed! i want i want! issat you holding irfan, in the tudung belang2 pink n blue? cantiklah, but i don't know i can pull it off. berangan jer lebih nak pakai tudung mcm gitu

  14. zunairah nak balik dah ke? tak sempat jumpe skali lagi.. ari tuh jumpe pon tak puas.. ariez tak sempat panas2 pon lagi....

  15. iefa : agreed. dulu seronok bermain ngn cousin2 now seronok bergossip haha

    isabelle : tu la sembang tak kira masa dan tempat haha

    papakeechee : i think nephew jugak kot? i have 2 nephews on the way, meriah! hehe

    cheryna : haaa time raya aritu tak semapt nak gather lepak2 camni,so kira sambut raya skali lagi pun bole la huhu

    amy : hahhhh! that's our phrase kan hiks

    pinkerton : ahhhh! i have a goooood childhood memories with my cousins. sigh...

    lea shmea : ya it's fun bila tak ramai orang kerumun hehe. haaa makan banyak? dia makan apa saja yang ada depan mata dia okie! siap slurped the soup. anak sapa la nih? haha

    anne : nak eh, sila ke kedai ayng berhampiran anda. eh that's not me lah kurus ja tu, that's my sister hehe. i dun think i can pull off that look too, so tak berani pakai lagi :-)

    pinkwatch : a'ah kak dila, kakak will be staying in kl until wednesday coz then straight to houston. kak dilla dok mana eh now? kalau kl semapt lagi la nak jumpa :-)

  16. xsabar nak tgg ammar dapat main macam irfan n ariez ;)

  17. inche isteri : insyaAllah the time will come. now u just hafta enjoy ur time with him, nanti dah besar macam irfan you'd be missing the time when all he wanted to do was to be in ur arms. huhu

  18. Salam kenal...

    Bestnya mandi manda..

  19. hahahah lenguh atuk kena dukung dua2.. cam anak buah i.. sume berebut mbah (atuk) smpai nak masuk dlm kain pelekat hahaha

  20. azmiezas : salam, a'ah bestttt sangat hehe, mama yang over

    ely : aaa memang lenguh, but tok abah sure had fun. haha cute la anak buah u berebut samapi masuk kain pelekat ekekekke



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