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Atta Boy!

Alhamdulillah, my son has grown up to be a boy with quite a number of skills. His greatest skill of all is of coz to melt his parents heart. But that's not what I want to share here.

Upon browsing my phone earlier, I noticed some unidentified photos. I wondered as I didn't remember taking such photos, and then I remembered seeing flashes of lights while I was dozing off yesterday evening. Oh, then it occured to me! So my son managed to capture these with my cokia phone camera, hebatttt! You just hafta focus on objects next time k dear, instead of taking random shots. I know you'll be a good photographer one day :-D

The angle is not bad, kan?

His next skill, believe it or not, is COOKING for love. Perhaps he has been spending too much time with his mom in the kitchen. He seems to develop certain liking for it. Oh, he also helped me with the laundry the other day. I saw some of his newly-washed clothes hanging upside down on the railing at the dry yard, I was wondering what happened to it when I saw this boy picking up another clothes and started hanging them on the railing. I was so touched and amazed at the same time by things that this boy could come up with! Things that really amaze his parents at all times. Alhamdulillah, hopefully rajin sampai besar lah.

See, sungguh2 kan he pretended to beat the eggs. Nak buat kuih raya ka Irfan? Hehe.. Mama pray that you'll be an obedient servant of Allah, a good son and a wonderful human being, insyaAllah. Be good yah!


  1. wahh..bagusnye Irfan.Arif xleh tolong wat laundry..nnt baju dlm bakul, dia kuarkan dan sepahkan atas tolong angkat plastik sampah rajin la..sbb dia nk keluar jugak.

  2. kak ct : haaa, irfan suka tiru apa yang mama dia buat. lagi satu kalau tengok baju banyak bergantung kat ampaian, dia suh bai kutip passkat dia, dia letak kat depan. bole lompat2 hentak kaki kalau kita tak nak angkat hahaha

    oh arief suka do a man's work ya, pandai! bole take over kerja abah dia nanti hehehe

  3. bagusnye irfan dah boleh menolong mama die tu gamba ape tu?karpet ka?

  4. rajinnya anak mama!!

  5. angle dah cantik tuu.. (carpet tu cantik, suka suka)

  6. i guess when the mother is rajin the anak will follow kot ... since i am not, my son follows my foot step la ... kekeke ...

    But good la Aqil Irfan rajin ... keep it up k! ^_^

  7. "i guess when the mother is rajin the anak will follow kot" - somebody shoot me now please -

  8. farah : tu lah alhamdulillah dah rajin menolong. a'ah gambar carpet. ;-p

    inta : tu la, anak sapa lagi kan kalau bukan anak mama yang rajin hehe

    eis : cantik kan angle dan carpet haha

    papakeechee : takla he pening tengok rumah semak sangat that's why he helped, if it's up to his PARENTS, macam tongkang pecah la alamatnya

    abah irfan : well well, mama irfan pon takla rajin mengemas buuuuuuuuutttt tak jugak rajin buat semak. i'm sure he couldn't stand all the mess created by you, it had been giving him nightmares these past few nights hokeh! hahahha jangan mare

  9. kak yah irfan ni nak jadi photographer ka tukang masak? hehe.. well he's a budak cerdik ^.^

  10. wah creative nye photographer tu. soon u boleh buat lil irfan gallery ni.



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