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Okie, this is the first time I ever attempted to enter my son into any contest organized by our bloggers. The reason is because I have this very cute picture that I've once used in this blog, and I couldn't resist to use it again at whatever chance I get.

ANYWAY, back to the contest, ti's organized by this lovely lady whom blog I've been reading for quite sometime now. Her blog is pretty much informative as she does not only write about her family life but she loves posting about tips and whatnot.

So here's my MANGSA BULI : who else but my cheeky little monster Muhammad Aqil Irfan! (aged : 1year 4months at the time this pic was taken)

What happened to him here? Well, since his mother decided to take unpaid leave after he was born so that she could be with him 24/7, she thought why not, now that he's all grown up - a toddler he is now- that she use him to generate income, with the help of his ever faithful companion Mr. Barney. So she made him do some freelance telemarketing coz he got oh-such-an-angelic-voice that could melt any strangers heart. She wouldn't let them stop until they both collapsed from exhaustion. Pity my son! But well, he sure made his mama a rich woman from all that hardwork. Thank you son! I love you so much!

What's the prize for this contest? Menarik, anna sui miniature to be won!

So let me share with all you bloggers out there, how to win this MINI Anna Sui? Please click here for info on that.

The deadline for the contest is on the 19th October 2009 at 9 am.

So what are you waiting for guys, try your luck okie!

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