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Seksi Di Mata Suami

I'm watching Wanita Hari Ini on TV3 (sounds like a desperate housewife kan?). The topic today is Seksi Di Mata Suami, and the invited guests are an ustaz and this one female actress, who I can say dress rather sexily sometimes.

The thing is, the host asked her what's her perception of sexy is, and somehow she mentioned that OTHER PEOPLE -as opposed to the topic of Seksi di mata SUAMI - always said that she's sexy, she said there is something about her that is sexy but she can't pinpoint them. Like duuuhhh! Isn't it obvious, her dressing la, what else??

Anyway, what got me real ashamed is that when she talked about her husband wanting her to be sexy just like before they were married. Like when he wants her to still wear miniskirt now just like she did before they were married, or at least if she covers up her legs, then she should wear transparent top, or dedah sikit as she put it. He wants people to look at her so he can be proud that his wife is sexy, much to my dismay. Because just like the host remarked, that's weird because most of the men (at least a Muslim man) would not want to share his wife with other people. And she was saying all these in front of the ustaz, which got me real ashamed because as far as I know she is a Muslim woman, and she seemed to think that she's above the Islamic laws.

It's one thing that you do things in defiance to Allah's order, but to make it sound like it's not sinful to do it, on national TV at that. What's becoming to the muslims in our country? Buat dosa and be proud of their sins? I know I don't dress perfectly as a Muslim woman, nor do I follow every orders from God, but I'm not proud of my sins! And you should not be proud of them too, Mrs. Z**la.

The ustaz mentioned that to be sexy, just as the phrase 'sexy' implied, is to membangkitkan syahwat lelaki for SEX. So it's only right that you should be sexy in front of your hubby right. And to think that her husband wants her to provoke other men into lusting after her, ewwwwww...that's totally gross! And we wonder why there are many rape cases happening in our country nowadays. But of course some sisterhood of the Islamic movement said we should never put the blame on the exposed cleavages, when it has always been the men's fault alone. Ironic, no?

Our government should really filter what we aired on the TV now, as it will build up the image of how "Islamic" our muslim community really is. Are we really that secular now that we've imported all the secular teachings into our life and be proud of it?



  1. eeyeeuuww rugi nyer tk tgk...yg tv 3 pon 1 ..naper tk tapis org2 yg nk di inteview...wat ashame..huhhh

  2. hahaha seriously..mmg buduhla kan husband artis tu..isteri bukan perhiasan utk di tayang2 k! saya byk gak jumpa lelaki jenis ni..bangga sgt isteri die tayang2 dada ngan betis..padahal die tak tahu dosa tu die gak yg tanggung..sebab tulaa kite ni di galakkan cari suami yang beriman atau sekurang2nya bende2 basic macam ni lelaki mesti tahu...

  3. iefa : itulah, the media skang pon dah went bonkers. tak tahu apa patut tapis apa yang tak patut tapis tsk tsk tsk

    farah : itulah. alhamdulillah my hubby ada that basic, at least dia mampu nak tegur isteri dia bila lari dari landasan, walaupon bini dia slalu complain itu tak boleh ini tak boleh hahaha. i know guys like these, memang ramai pun around us. biar lah dosa dia yang tanggung, kita tak mampu tolak ngn perbuatan dan lidah, tolak ngn hati pun cukup lah kan. :-)

  4. yess..agree with u MAMA..

    Apa punya jantan lah tuu..belom layak dipanggil suami klu camtulah gayanyaa..And i truly believe even though tak sempat tonton rancangan tuu..aku kenal ayat murahan siapakah itu..sbb pernah dah dgq dalam some other TV slot..pompuan murahan and ada laki yang memurahkan martabat isteri..subhanallahh...!! mintak dijauhkan..

    My dear hubby...i really appreciate you to make me really valuable and meaningful to u and family..I LOVE U so much..



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