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Of Our Raya this year

We had a good raya this year considering that there was a wedding on the raya week, and things got pretty hectic with 3 grandsons of Idris Mohamed being under the same roof most of the time. My sister's family decided to crash at our place and man, I never thought it would be so fun to have two kids under my roof for one week. Yes, it was tiring. They fought all the time, but when one wasn't around the other one would start looking for his 'buddy'. I knew Irfan had much fun playing, or rather bullying, his Abang Ariez, as never in his 1.6 years of living he had playmate to hog his toys and run around with.

As much fun as we had, there's one thing for sure, no adik for Irfan until he can behave and make his own milk take care of himself. Seriously, last week was the most tiring week of my entire life!

My brother's family crashed at my mum's place, and with baby Emran, that's a different story all together. The first couple of days, he kept on trying to cuddle but ended up squeezing and squashing the baby. And there were a couple of times he managed to smack baby Emran, much to my dismay. I was so annoyed he couldn't behave himself in the near vicinity of the baby that a couple of times I myself smacked my little boy hard. That taught him a lesson alright as after that he would only sleep near Emran, or kiss him softly on the forehead.

Back to the two kids, Ariez and Irfan had a fight over my dad. Ariez was not happy to see my dad picked up Irfan while Irfan pantang nampak my dad, he'd threw tantrum so my dad had to pick him up. Oh no, he didn't want no one else but grandpa when grandpa was around. I think his main intention was to piss off Ariez, bad bad cousin you had been, Irfan! Boys, you have to learn to share your grandfather okay, coz you're gonna have more rivals coming around soon. Haaah! Why don't you two gang up against the rest of them. Yessss, that's more like it!

We didn't manage to visit any relatives on hubby's side yet, but I've been to most of my auntie's house as they did open house/makan- makan for our family. The solemnization ceremony of my sister took place on Wednesday, and the reception on Friday night. I didn't invite any of my friends as we had a combined reception between the bride and groom's side, thus number of invitees had to be limited to close family and the newlywed's friends. Sorry guys, jangan kecil hati okay.

And last but not least, there won't be any open house for us this year, as I'm not up to the hassle of being a host like last year, but friends are invited to come for raya whenever you feel like it. Just give me a ring okay, our door will always be open for you. :-D


  1. son pun mcm yours jugak..asyik berebut brg dgn his cousin..or either one smack the other..adeh pening kepala okeh. I pun terus pk byk kali nak kasik adik kat dia..hahaha

  2. the kids fighting over their grandparents is just too cute. hehe.

  3. hihih kids mmg like dat wonder..they ley searching for each other biler tk nampak kidss...

    amboi jdkan alasan yeh nk gap irfan wit his adik :p

  4. applecrux : haaaa memang diorang ni, aksi ganas betul. haha

    lea shmea : yeah cuteness. ;-) but i'm sure granda pening kepala

    iefa : yesssssss, bukan alasan tapi reason yang munasabah. hahahhaa

  5. i so love ur big happy family photo. so sempoi! and bride punya baju lawa giler. upload more pics la please!



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